Here at the So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins headquarters we’ve received another set of street style photos from Pitti Uomo in Florence. Once again, our reporter on the scene was María Isabel Gordillo, the designer behind Bnilo.
Have a look at the latest styles and fashion trends for men brought from the catwalks to the streets of Florence.

so-catchy-street-style-pitti-uomo-bnilo-00 so-catchy-street-style-pitti-uomo-bnilo-01 so-catchy-street-style-pitti-uomo-bnilo-02 so-catchy-street-style-pitti-uomo-bnilo-03 so-catchy-street-style-pitti-uomo-bnilo-04 so-catchy-street-style-pitti-uomo-bnilo-05 so-catchy-street-style-pitti-uomo-bnilo-06

Photos courtesy of María Isabel Gordillo

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla