More than just animal prints, the boom in digital printing seems to have blown out the fashion market in the past few years and it doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping anytime soon.




The endless possibilities that this tool allows for in terms of design creativity, image quality or the brilliant colors it provides has made this technique the preferred choice for large companies and small brands alike.


Dress by Yasumasa Morimura for Pleats Please Issey Miyake, 1996


Nowadays, there are an infinite number of brands which have chosen to use the technique in order to attract new consumers, eager to show off their uniqueness more than ever.  From Black Milk Clothing and human anatomy inspired leggings to the collaboration of MSGM with ToiletPaper, down to commercial successes such as TopShop or Asos, Breaking Rocks Clothing or the polish one, Aloha From Deer. Recurring themes like hamburgers, nature or galactic scenes even look boring nowadays, a convincing example of the power of this tendency to reach the mainstream in a short period of time.  Thanks in part to the catalyzing power of social networks such as Tumblr, We Heart It or Instagram and the masses of adolescents ravenously seeking new tendencies.




Our favorite designer is without a doubt, Mary Katrantzou, who brings us fantastical photographic designs with every season, avoiding the monochromatic staples we’ve grown accustomed to, we could lose ourselves in her colorful items that vary from dresses to cases for the iPad.  She’s the perfect example that this technique is definitely not at odds with glamour and elegance.


mary-katrantzou so catchy


And finally, we can’t forget to mention the Barcelona-based Smooooth Clothing company and their never-ending supply of models inspired by Tumblr which makes us think that there exists no photograph or theme that can’t be made into the perfect hoodie.




Translated by: Michael Padilla