So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, opens a window onto innovation in the world of fashion.

Here, you’ll find anything new, different or original.  We provide a voice and a face for emerging design and creativity with the potential for international success.  Anyone who has something new and different to add to the competitive and saturated world of fashion will find their place on So Catchy!

Think of us as a prism refracting the light of fashion, revealing new tendencies and gutsy, new and creative forces; we’ll be the first to show you ‘the latest.’


Photo by Raúl Rosillo


Addicted to coffee and good times, lover of animals, big and small.

When I was asked as a kid about what I wanted to be when I was older I used to say I wanted to be a writer. Other times, I preferred to be an explorer. I think it’s always been clear that I wanted to discover things, meet interesting people and talk about them, and that’s why I started So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins.

I inherited my sense of fashion from my parents and there was nothing I loved more as a child than sneaking into my relatives’ closets to touch and see all of the different clothing. My imagination would soar, there, in between all of the skirts and tops.

In this project, all of my passions and dreams come together, my job is to explore the world of fashion and to discover people with new and interesting creative talent and in turn to tell their stories.


Jack-of-all-trades, master of none, I’m up for anything that sounds more interesting than the last project.

My journey to this point has led me from my home in Michigan to the frozen fields of Rochester, NY to the streets of NYC, across the ocean, back to the Windy city for one last real Midwest winter and back to the sunny streets of southern Spain. Along the way I’ve picked up a degree in Fine Art Photography, ridden along in ambulances, worked in theatres and bars, learned another language and turned my own into a job, I’ve translated some very boring instruction manuals along the way.

My job here is mostly linguistic, partially web-focused and any other odds and ends that need fixing.


Yes, I do strongly believe in Karma, in coincidence, in the power of empathy and in perseverance, but to be clear, I am not a fan of Amélie, nor have I let my armpit hair grow in.

I like finding tendencies, but not following them. And even though I am thoroughly convinced that fashion is a waste of time and money, I still get trapped, even seduced by it all of the time.

I try to observe without touching but sometimes I slip up. I’ve discovered that my fatal attraction is creation, creativity and talent; beauty, curiosity and innovation. I’ll die happy when I’ve lived at least a few days in every city on the planet and my day to day life is really worth it, when I’ve been able to help someone.

If you’ll allow me… Don’t just sit there like an idiot, move it, do something interesting with your life! Or at least stop your whining.


Isabel Mor

A lawyer by profession, coolhunter by vocation. I love my city, Madrid, its people and atmosphere, but won’t resign myself to its borders and miss out on everything happening elsewhere. I’m passionate about travelling to new places, wandering through the streets and observing the inhabitants, festivals, arte, gastronomy and, of course, fashion and everything it involves (innovative brands, emerging designers, streetstyle,…). In short, although I might not always recognize it as so, I enjoy anything that is a source of inspiration and new trends. @isabel.mor

Lola González

An inquisitive mind and journalist who enjoys investigating the phenomenon of street style. Without even realizing it, the way you wear of an article of clothing, your behavior and the tribe you belong to define you and that’s what I study. I’m interested neighborhoods with inspirational character, small, improvised concerts, and the freedom expressed by casual looks. Fashion is fleeting and there will always be trends that can anger or will be beloved. @loleras_


María José Egea

Trend forecaster, Social Media specialist and a degree in Marketing, passionate for design, innovation and creativity. She loves traveling, music, photography and long conversations. Glued to a computer since the 90s, she’s watched the Internet grow and believes that the resulting networks make the world more accessible, multiplying the work and collaborative opportunities among different fields. For her, fashion is a form of expression, and not one of oppression, a way to tell the world who you are.

Rocío de la Rosa

With a degree in Journalism, specializing in Digital Communication and an expert in Community Management, Rocío is interested in travelling, South-American authors and anything that will help her grow personally and professionally. Fascinated by business communication, she also draws from experience working across different media. In the end, she has found herself attracted to all types of culture and that’s where she is directing her time and effort.

Paola Caballer Delgado

A lover of human resources, music, art, fashion, jazz and charming places.  I adore datebooks, I am passionate for anything new, There’s nothing I love more than scheduling a new project in my calendar and doing each one better than the last.  I can’t get enough of people who love life, and I love finding out about new things so I can tell others about them.


Lourdes Marín Rodríguez

Psychologist and entrepreneur, passionate about the world of fashion and street styles. She considers fashion to be a way of expressing oneself, which is why she loves spending her days seeking out different sources of inspiration in the day-to-day goings on of the city.  She also adores the art of creating in all of its facets, and has dedicated herself to observing, learning, and surrounding herself with the beauty that surrounds us.  She likes to think of herself as an ongoing open book, since we never really stop learning, there’s always something new, not everything has been invented yet.

Ela Colak

An English major, Amsterdam resident, shoe-obsessed and lover of all things glamour. Not to mention a child of the movies. When fashion and cinema come together, it’s my source of enjoyment and inspiration.



Esther Maria Portilla

A journalist, with a Master’s of Entrepreneurial Communication and Fashion from the University of Seville. I think fashion is a form of expression that starts in the street and ends wherever your imagination takes you. I’m passionate about anyone different, peculiar or unique and am a partisan of simplicity and elegance. My path has always led me to places authentic. It’s in the details that we find the difference.

 Blué Spit

I am studying a 4 year course in Fashion Design and I do freelance fashion photography as a hobby, its my passion and it fills my soul to a limit that I forget about the universe’s existence! I love traveling (walking into an unknown big city and taking photos is a must-do for me) and experiencing different and new cultures, I love anything new, be it people, music or food I looove food! Music is what fills me up, life would be so rhythmless without it. And I say do it with passion or not at all.

Ana González Mellado

Photographer, blogger and student of Advertising and Public Relations, I love anything simple, neat and basic that can get the message across. @SrtaHedonista