Not too long ago we brought you the geometric beauty of Sylvio Giardina’s SS17 collection, which we immediately fell in love with. So today, So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins will be revisiting Sylvio’s work on the launch of his FW 2017/18 accessories collection. BaRock is a colorful series, faithful to Giardina’s earlier work, bringing together simple lines with geometric combinations, an important touch that will mark the difference in any look.

so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-01 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-02 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-09 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-10 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-08 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-06 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-03 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-05 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-04 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-07 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-fw17-11

Photos courtesy of Sylvio Giardina

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla