As it does every year, the month of September started with the opening of a wide variety of new shops both online and off. This time around, the one that really caught our eye here at So Catchy! is the launch of Redcast Heritage Co., the first online Spanish multi-brand shop specializing in Japanese denim.

Redcast Heritage is a small shop with menswear from different brands that sells Japanese denim and vintage workwear, brought to life by a young couple from Madrid who are infatuated with artisanally produced products, made from raw material of the highest quality, and as far from the culture of fast-fashion and throwaway clothes.

Perhaps the majority of Spaniards aren’t familiar with terms like “raw denim”, “selvedge”, “sanforized” or “unsanforized”, and they might not have even heard of them before but in the US and Japan of course, they are concepts that have been well understood for years thanks to the existing culture of the world of denim and some authentic Denim-freaks.

A reflection of this culture is the numerous trade fairs that take place each year celebrating the phenomena in cities like Berlin (Selvedge Run), Amsterdam (Denim Days) and even entire festivals like Pronto Denim Festival in Bangkok.

Redcast Heritage Co. brings this world up close and personal for many through their online platform with interesting characteristics and careful attention to detail.

High-quality jeans that are rigid and rough will stand out for any initiates in the culture, denim jackets made from 100% cotton and dyed with natural indigo, shirts made with loopwheels, and wallets made from cordovan leather hand-sewn by Japanese masters are only a few of the products on offer. And everything in their catalogue is made artisanally with a special eye on everything from the chainstitched eyelets and copper buttons to customized iron and selvedge details.

Some of the labels include the iconic Stevenson Overall, more modern Tanuki, and Trophy Clothing, which you can only find on Redcast in Europe. But this list of labels and their catalogue is not numerus clausus, as with the approach of winter, new articles of clothing will enter the line-up with the addition of carefully crafted woolen garments and classic alpaca jackets in the style 1940s US navy, reproduced with the Japanese philosophy of perfection.

Be sure to keep your eye on them. We know we will.

Article by Isabel Mor, Coolhunter in Coolhunting Group for So Catchy!