The funny thing about Fashion is that it can include excess, simplicity, color, art, comfort or a lack there of and more. Today we are going to talk about cuts and pure shapes, minimalist clothes and perfect fabrics.


Diani Diaz graduated recently from the London College of Fashion with a collection that appeals to the clean nature of its cuts, the sophistication of the shapes and the quality and innovation of the materials that are used.

Diani left Colombia in 2009 to fulfill her dream of working in fashion. For now, she has captivated us with clothing that is designed to be like by modern, chic women while at the same time stressing the importance of comfort as a rule when it comes time to get dressed. From So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, here’s our interview with Diani.


SC!: Tell us about Desfase (mismatch in English). How did the idea to present it as your Master’s project come about?

DD: Desfase is a ready to wear collection for A/W 15-16 inspired by the performance Fase: “Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich”, designed by the Belgian choreographer, Anne Theresa De Keersmaeker. This performance is characterized by its minimal abstraction and its precision in its movements, which is translated into the clothing by means of meticulous cuts and attention to detail. The use of non-conventional materials like foam and silicon are an important characteristic in the development of the collection. They add a new sense of novelty. One of the objectives of this project was to achieve a perfect finish for the pieces so that they could be presented to the luxury market and to give them the proper treatment so they are easy to wear.


SC!: Can you define your style in one sentence?

DD: My esthetic can be defined in three words: Modern, Sophisticated, Experimental.

SC!: Are you planning on selling online?

DD: For the moment I don’t have any plans to sell online.


SC!: If we wanted, for example, to buy one of your pieces from Desfase, about how much would that cost us?

DD: Truthfully, the costs of the pieces vary according to the materials that I used, and according to the article, of course. On average, they would be between £ 250 £ 1,200.

SC!: Your style is very minimalist and clean, what kind of woman do you think wears your designs?

DD: The collection aims to appeal to a sophisticated and effortlessly chic woman.


SC!: What is the perfect item of clothing for you?

DD: The perfect item of clothing is the one that has an impeccable cut, a unique finish and at the same time is comfortable and makes you feel sophisticated.

SC!: You can’t stop wearing…

DD: I can’t stop wearing black from day to day. It’s a color that I always wear on my clothes or accessories.


SC!: Who is your favorite new designer and why?

DD: J.W. Anderson is a new designer with a lot of growth over the last few years. It’s admirable how his business has grown so quickly and reached a balance between commercial products and creativity.

SC!: What are you doing now and what are you going to be working on this year?

DD: Right now I’m taking a well-deserved rest after many hard months of work. It’s important to take at least two weeks to be able to enjoy social life a bit and at the same time to promote my collection by doing collaborations with editorials and lending my clothing out for exhibitions. This year I’m going to dedicate my time to getting more experience in the fashion industry.


SC!: Your next challenge is…

DD: To work for design houses as big as Celine, Dior or Balenciaga.

SC!: Fashion needs…

Honesty, taste and talent.

SC!: Fashion is…

DD: My lifestyle.


Eyewear: Chiara Pavan Studio

Catwalk Images: Roger Dean

Lookbook credits

Photography: Chairit Prapai

Model: Ania Cybulska

Stylist: Alexa Chen

Hair: Yumi Noh

MUA: Shiv Ashman

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla