A few years ago we first talked to you about Silva Fado and the hydraulic technology that she incorporates in her heels, maximizing the impact absorption of one of the most loved, and hated fashion articles for women.


Since we first talked to her (you can read the interview here), the young designer from Barcelona has continued to work on her search for a unique product she can call her own. We’re of the mind that ‘only’ creating a high heel shoe that is comfortable to wear is more than enough to earn her a special place in the history, and present, of fashion.

Conversations about Silvia Fado involve equal parts talking about innovation and quality as far as production is concerned. Her shoes are handmade in Spain, using the best materials and an exquisite sense of shape, and are authentic objects of desire.



At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, as you may know, we are crazy about shoes and are excited to bring you some of Silvia’s more emblematic models. On sale now in the So Catchy! Shop, you can purchase what we think are the heels of the future.

When we talked to Silvia recently she also let it slip that she’s working on a new collection that has us intrigued, so stay tuned.



SO CATCHY!: We know you’re preparing a new collection. Can you give us an idea of what it is and where you found your inspiration for it?

SILVIA FADO: For now I can only say that it will be quite new, although comfort and technology will continue to be the main themes for inspiration and development.

SC!: Will you continue working with hydraulic technology?

SF: For this collection I’ll be working with the idea of impact absorption but it will be focused a different way.



SC!: You returned recently to Barcelona, your hometown. How does it feel? What does Barcelona have to offer

SF: Barcelona is a city full of stimuli and culture and where you can always feel good. The peace and tranquility is a great companion for finding inspiration.

SC!: Your footwear collections are quite exclusive, so what kind of person do you have in mind when you are designing your shoes?

SF: In someone who isn’t afraid to express themselves, who enjoys how they feel without fear of being different. Really, any woman who wants to feel beautiful and with personality.



SC!: Footwear brands that you love.

SF: United Nude, Iris Van Herpen, Marni, Maison Margiela,…

SC!: What type of shoe do you like to wear?

SF: I like lots of different types but in general, I generally like to be comfortable and I always look for original pieces, shoes with character like mine, for special occasions.



SC!: Where do you see the future of footwear? Do you think that new technologies will substitute the artisanal process?

SF: Technology is more and more present in all areas. Globalization is mechanizing many of the steps involved in footwear production and those of us who work as artisans are becoming fewer and fewer. But there is a growing public that seeks out artisanal products, handmade pieces, and quality. In an ideal future the two models would coexist, in reality though, technology is getting stronger in every sector and I imagine that the same will happen with footwear.



SC!: Up till now, what has been your biggest success or greatest recognition?

SF: For me, that special moment was when I sold my first pair of shoes. I felt happy knowing that someone was going to wear my designs on the street. It’s comforting to know that the public enjoys what you do and my heels have been well received.

Photos courtesy of Silvia Fado

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla