Unique pieces, artisanal treasures turned into accessories that will set any style apart from the rest. Bnilo searches around the world for the most original and sensational fabrics that will become high quality bow ties, neckties or handkerchiefs. As they are launching a shop of their own, we here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins decided to get in touch with Bnilo and find out more about the creators.

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So Catchy!: How did the Bnilo project come about?

Bnilo: Bnilo started with a friendship that brought together the passion for sewing and for design. That’s how it started.


SC!: How has the project evolved since you started?

BN: We started out making bow ties with fabrics that we recycled from dresses, antique fabrics, or from trousers. Originally we just sold them to our friends and acquaintances but we took part in a showroom in Malaga, Spain, with a number of other brands and we realized that we were lacking a number of things as a label. So we decided to get serious about it.

Nowadays, we’ve just launched our own website and we have a number our pieces in a number of stroes. We’re still small but we’re better organized and we’ve done our first professional shoots. Our determination and dedication have helped us to move forward little by little.

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SC!: Your accessories and other pieces are quite unique, where do you find your fabrics?

BN: Each one of our products is unique and we try to always use special fabrics. We travel a lot looking for inspiration and looking for fabrics which are difficult to obtain in Spain. We’ve been to India, Bali, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Thailand and Italy recently so a lot of the fabrics come from those places. Our latest collections were made with Japanese fabrics since we have a Japanese distributor here and we also have a special connection with the country. You can see this identity throughout our brand.


SC!: Labels, designers or artists that you admire…

BN: Gucci, Loewe, Van Gogh. Cubism also inspires a lot of our designs.

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SC!: Are there any blogs, magazines or Instagram accounts we should be following?

BN:We think that @eduardocasanova, on Instagram, is quite funny (we’d love it if he wore one of our products), @sickymag, @voguerunway, @peppertan, @palomospain.

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SC!: What will you be working on next?

BN: We have a number of projects and goals in mind. On our website, we are working on a section so clients can design their own pieces (the fabric and shape). We’re also working on making our own patterns and, in the long term, we’d like to go international and sell more outside of Spain.


Photos courtesy of Bnilo

Photography + Styling: Raúl Rosillo

Model: Lukas Pelinka


Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla