Since 2011 and the foundation of his own label, Sylvio Giardina has continued to surprise us with his ability to bring together two worlds that inspire him, fashion and art. This blend of visual artist and designer is Sylvio’s signature and, despite the desire to break with established themes and to surprise us with different forms and shapes, he never loses sight of functionality. His clothes are meant to be worn.

In this new collection, Geometry takes center stage. Sylvio wanted to highlight the body without confining it. In his own words: “The assembled geometric shapes bring life to the textile constructions, highlighting the body without enveloping it. They are studies of volume, interactions between solids and empty spaces, between light and color. Decorative geometry from the Domus Romana come to life again in elements of fabric, in shantung or Mikado and create a tridimensionality to admire and touch.

So today, So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins brings you Sylvio Giardina’s collection for Spring Summer 2017, we’ve already fallen in love with it.

so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-ss17-01 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-ss17-02 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-ss17-03 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-ss17-04 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-ss17-05 so-catchy-sylvio-giardina-ss17-06

Photos courtesy of Sylvio Giardina

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla