For the team at So Catchy!, it’s always gives us a real sense of satisfaction to see how artists and designers from interviews past have continued following their passion, growing and reaching new heights through perseverance and hard work.

Today we bring you the work of Hollie White, an artist who we had the pleasure of interviewing back in 2014 in her studio in London. The first time around we got an up close and personal look at the depth of her work and her enthralling creative process. With her label, Ellis White, she creates instantly recognizable accessories that are the embodiment of artisanry and technological innovation, all embued with a bit of he unique personal style.

Three years on, we got back in touch with Hollie to find out what she was up to and to see if she has any advice for creatives and artists that we wouldn’t want to miss out on. We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do.

SC!: We really love all your shoes and glasses, since the beginning. What could you tell us about your last project?

EW: My last collection evolved some of my recognisable shapes into new materials. I started working with Wood and experimenting with hand painting and staining techniques and also working with textured leathers.

SC!: You were very innovative in your production process, how do you make your work now?

EW: I still prototype elements of the products in house and then work with a small Italian factory in Porto Sant’elpidio to develop and industrialise them. It’s a very hands-on process, for the most recent collection I hand painted all of the heels myself.

SC!: As arts and architecture inspires your work, could you tell us some artists or creators that you have discovered recently?

EW: I saw the Rachel Whiteread exhibition at Tate Britain last month and that reinvigorated my interest in mould-making and casting, the expression of negative space is really interesting to me. I’ve been looking at Clement Meadmore’s work, his large scale sculptural forms have an amazing sense of balance. I’m also a Little obsessed with Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. I love most of their designs, but I’m particularly into the amazing striped marker illustrations on Ronan Bouroullec’s Instagram. Such a simple technique but so effective.

SC!: What are your next project or what are you working on?

EW: I am working for Hunter and have some another footwear project coming up. Within my own work I’m becoming increasingly interested in surface design. I’d like to start experimenting more with that and see what applications it could have on products outside of footwear and accessories.

SC!: To finish the interview, could you tell our emerging designer readers, something that you have learnt now but you wish you would have known before?

EW: No matter how much experience you have there will always be surprises. Being flexible will help you manoeuvre them.

Images courtesy of Hollie White

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla