Fashion begins with the face so today we’re going to pay tribute to one of the most basic accessories: glasses.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of possibilities in the world of eyewear. From sunglasses to prescription, whichever you need, here’s So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins‘ list of labels and designers of glasses you should know if you want to be up on the latest in eyewear fashion.

LaVeta Eyewear


Andrés Leal – Pelefelio


Joâo Rei – Floating Anchor


Mário Belém – Hell No

For lovers of everything eco-friendly and slow fashion, there’s LaVeta Eyewear. The creators, Antonio and Manolo, have given us a delightful assortment of incredible designs, 100% made in Andalusia with the highest-quality wood. With their HEP Expo // Heartmade EyeweART Project, La Veta lent their glasses to be used as canvases by different artists, resulting in unique pieces of art which were presented in Portugal last May. You should also check out their collaboration with Tarxia, another Andalusian company specialized in marquetry. If you want to know more, check out LaVeta’s interview with So Catchy!.




Sofaifo & Rosalinda

Breaking boundaries and reaching new heights, CitriqueHeart, is led by Juan José Blanco, another Andalusian, originally from Cordoba, currently living in Barcelona. In March, he presented his new collection at MIDO, the international eyewear exhibition. His designs, most notably Rosalinda and Sofaifo, have piqued the interest of a few models, artists and celebrities, Paris Hilton and Dani Alves amongst them. The innovative designs, ultra-modern esthetics and architectural shapes define the work of CitriqueHeart. Be sure to read Citrique’s full interview with So Catchy!. and check out the So Catchy! Shop the only place online you can find the classic Rosalinda and Transparent Rosalinda.

Percy Lau


Seeing is Believing?



On the edge of conceptual and wearable, Percy Lau navigates the boundary like a fish in water. Born in China and living in London, she has creates authentic, marvelous accessories although if the last few months mean anything, Percy seems to be focusing on the world of eyewear. In July 2013, she won the YKK Award at the International Talent Support with her work, “Seeing is Believing?”, an unsettling collection on the concept of reality and illusion. We love her conceptual and her commercial work; it’s interesting and you can tell she’s an all-around artist. You can read more about her work here.








Designs by (Left to right) Mary Grossman, Shachar Krisher, Roni Liani, Liraz Borstain, Yifat Levy, Yonatan Landsberg, Oria Forsher, Ofir Stern & Maya Schossberger

And finally, a pleasant new discovery we’ve recently made: the work of the students at the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art in Israel. Led by Uri Samet, these young talents have made some daring and jaw-dropping glasses; strong, original and attractive, we can’t wait to see more. In his own words: The students had to relate not only to esthetic content and current fashion trends but also to ergonomic value, which is required for a well-balanced, “wearable” face object.

Don’t worry if your glasses seem a little boring after seeing these, ours do too.

Photos courtesy of the designers

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla