Getting lost on Etsy is easy… thousands of pieces of all types from an uncountable number of categories that might just drive you crazy: shoes, clothes, jewelry, accessories, furniture, decoration, antiques…

Here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins we’ve been browsing around for hours and hours to find different labels of artisans and sellers that, we hope, you’ll like as much as we do. We’ll be bringing you more of our favorite finds in the future so keep your eyes open.

If “retro” is your thing, you won’t want to miss out on SteamRetro, a Spanish label from Alicante, bringing you a selection of pieces with an air of retro and punk.


We’ve already talked about Una Una Shoes (Israel), a minimalist footwear label from Israel that caught our eye not too long ago. Pure structure and timelessness.

Cats are always in fashion so if you’ve got young ones at home, they’ll love PipoCass from Valencia (Spain). And if you’re looking for something to combine with the dresses, check out shoes by Larellana ( Madrid, Spain).

For those of you who love nature and flowers (the real ones), be sure to check out Siamesa Project who make necklaces and different pieces of jewelry with terrariums with flowers inside. Very subtle and very original.

And finally, a Lithuanian nature-friendly label, Son de Flor. Monocolor dress for women and girls, with ample cuts, rustic cotton and linen… with summer on its way, we can’t wait!

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Translation and layout by Michael Padilla