You can feel the tension in the air, and the emotion.  Above all the emotion and the desire to show off the culmination of their years of hard work.  Their collections will finally see the light of day and will be exhibited publicly as a way for them to get the feedback they’ve so anxiously been awaiting; that all of their efforts and work were worth it.

June 25th marks the start of Move Moda Sevilla, the annual Creative Fashion Forum that takes place in the Andalusian capital of Seville.  Well-known alumni of the event include Anel Yaos, who we’ve had the pleasure of talking to here at So Catchy,  and Leandro Cano.

In the 2014 edition of #MOVEModa we’ll see work from up-and-coming designers like Sabela Nogara, María Magdalena, Sergio Parrales, María Espi, Yvan Andreu, Alba Alcalá, Olga Duart, Florencio Pérez, Goria and more. You’ll also get a second chance to see many of them at the South 36-32N International Festival from the 26th to the 28th of June in Cádiz.

On top of the designs from this years graduating class, illustrations made in concert with other well-known Andaluz designers from the second-year students will be on display.

And to cap it all off, this year marks the start of a curious new edition to the forum with various projects developed in conjunction with C&G IT Solutions.  It’s an innovative idea based on creating different designs from recycled electronic material.  Working for sustainability, with an eye on the environment, the designs we’ve seen give new life to these, at first sight, useless objects.  For us here at So Catchy!, they’re proof that creativity and hard-work will pay off in the end.

Don’t miss out on Sevilla Move Moda 2014 this 25th and 26th of June.


Sergio Parrales


María Espi


María Espi


Sabela Nogara


Sabela Nogara


María Magdalena “We are Cattle”


Illustrations in collaboration with Andaluz designers


Illustration in collaboration with Andaluz designers


Eva Rodríguez Barragon, Rafa Montero Yuste and Sara Moreno Aranda for #TICDesignAwards


#TICDesignAwards C&G and CEADE Sevilla


“Cage Bag” and photo by Irene Romero Massia for #TICDesignAwards

Photos by Michael Padilla and Lourdes Rodríguez for So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins.

Translated by Michael Padilla