The magnetism of Sonja Iglič‘s work is such that you can’t help but be moved by it. Her creative talent and ability to bring an idea to fruition pushes her work beyond the physical object, becoming a statement of intent. We here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins will be keeping our eyes on this emerging designer whose next collection promises to leave us all speechless. While we’re waiting, here’s our recent interview with her about the imposing collection: Jaws of Glory.



So Catchy!: Your work ‘Jaws of Glory’ is more than impressive. Could you tell us more about how you came up with the concept behind the pieces?

Sonja Iglič: First of all, thank you so much!

The concept itself came very easily, due to the fact that I’m talking about a vicious circle in which most of us are stuck at some point during our lives. I often think about how things work in this world, which things can be avoided and which not? To what extent can we truly live exactly the way we want? This is just a part of my thinking on the subject. The collection was my attempt to make the viewers think about their lives, even just for a minute or two. To reflect on their actions, on how much of those actions are subordinated to the system, to other people’s desires… And hopefully, to make changes.

SC!: What’s your creative process like?

SI: It really depends on a project I’m doing. I don’t plan my collections, I don’t know when I’m doing a new one, because I don’t like forcing myself into creating concepts. And the concept, the idea is fundamentally the most important thing to the design process. If the idea is genuine, most likely the end product will be something you maybe haven’t seen before.

Usually, I read a book, an article, or see a movie, and I start thinking about a certain idea. At some point I get the need to translate the idea into something that relates to the human body. I draw the general shape and think about the emotion that it should provoke, and all those factors combined will determine the materialization.



SC!: What can you tell us about your new project?

SI: For me it’s very exciting, because I’m experimenting with shapes, fit and the use of the pieces. Unlike previous, this collection will be very airy, colorful and bright, also inspired by nature.

SC!: Give us the names of some creative minds that you admire.

SI: I love love love the thinking process and the design of Gijs Bakker. His work is something that makes sense to me and is visually very beautiful. Also, the aesthetic of Giampaolo Babetto, Joji Kojima and I can’t not mention Iris van Herpen, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Zaha Hadid… That’s just to name a few.



SC!: Which Instagram accounts, magazines, or blogs do you follow religiously?

SI: I’m following British Vogue, Institute Magazine and The Jewellery Editor more or less regularly. I’m also following all posts from ITS contest. They are constantly supporting all their finalists, so you can really follow the developement and progress of other designers at their beginning. And now, being one of the finalists, I love following the work of the people I’ve shared the time and made friends with at this amazing event.

But to be honest, I’m really not that fond of social networks. I don’t take it that seriously, that I can’t miss a post or two. I flip through the posts when I have the time. I like following designers that are not famous, I like using Pinterest and Behance to look at portfolios of amazing creative people from all around the world and also seeing what inspires them.

SC!: Do you have a dream yet to be fulfilled?

SI: The ultimate dream is to have the privilege and the freedom to design what I want during my entire life.




Jaws Of Glory header and images 1 – 6:

Photo: Alek Živković

Make up: Aleksandra Orlandić Sretković

Hair: Sophie’s Choice studio

Model: Dunja Milatović

Jaws Of Glory images 7 – 12:

Photo: Alek Živković

Make up: Aleksandra Orlandić Sretković

Hair: Sophie’s Choice studio

Model: Dragana Stamenković Fox

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla