Tallinn Fashion Week, is the Estonian fashion show of reference which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. And this time around, So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins had the chance to be there. The meeting took place from the 18th to the 22nd October in the Kultuurikatel, the main venue for all the city’s cultural events. Taking part in the event were some of the most important designers in Estonian Fashion as well as up-and-coming ones and an assortment of International talent.


This year also marked the first time that the Tallinn Fashion Week presents two editions in the same year, and during those 4 days, we were able to take in the underlying duality of Estonia, a mix between minimalism and sobreity contrasted with daring and colorful pieces.


We also made sure to attend to Golden Needle Fashion Gala to see the presentation of one of the most important fashion prizes in the Baltic state. This year’s Gold Needle, and the opportunities it brings, went to Lili Jahilo, and was the result of five years of hard work. The Silver Needle, which is in its fourth year, is given to one daring designer, brand or collection.

And this year, there were no doubts who it should go to, Roberta Einer, the young designer who recently set off to make her career in England and is seen as the new hope of Estonian design on the international stage.


One of the more interesting emerging labels we got to see on the catwalk in Tallinn, Whitetail, comes from the hands of a Finnish doctor hoping to make waves in the world of Fashion. Also on stage was the work of Kiril Safonov with its amazing embroidered cats and sculpture-like fabrics. Kristel Kuslapuu’s imagination took us on a voyage to a strange fantasy world which left us begging to see more and with Gita Siimpoeg we discovered a delightful collection of voluminous and fluffy pieces.


It really was a pleasure for the team at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins to immerse ourselves in the most important event in Estonian Fashion and to meet specialists and other guests who were able to give us clear vision of the future of Estonian Design from the point of view of the participating designers.


And we want to extended our heartfelt thanks to our hostesses at Tallinn Fashion Week. We can’t wait till March to come back and get another look at what innovative new things are going on in Estonia.  Maybe with a little bit of help from us they’ll be able to make a name for themselves in the South of Europe as they deserve.


Photos courtesy of Taniel Malleus & Raul Mee

Translation by María José Egea

Layout by Michael Padilla