At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we’ve been working for over three years to shed light on the careers of promising new talent in design.

During this time, we’ve written more than 300 articles about artists from all over the world. We’ve also traveled to different countries to see their work firsthand, and have been asked to participate in conferences at different universities and fashion events to talk about the key to the way we work: coolhunting.

We believe that time has come to do more to bring you the hard work of those who make a living through creativity and entrepreneurship.

For this reason, we’ve decided to launch the So Catchy! Shop, were we’ll provide a showcase of unique fashion articles and accessories designed by the people we admire so much: the young and innovative designers and artisans who, without limits, create with their souls and their hands.

With a carefully curated selection, in our e-shop you can find pieces that are once-in-a-lifetime, individual, original, unique… We love slow fashion in its purest state and young talent for its creative strength and outside-the-box thinking.

Our deliveries will not be express and our philosophy isn’t about immediacy. We defend exclusivity, fashion and art united, the strength of artisanry, well-made pieces and something that only you have. Does this sound like something you’d like?

Welcome to our world and spread the word!

– SC!