Creativity and inspiration, are they really the result of hard work, dedication and perseverance?  At So Catchy! we believe that apart from innate talent, you also need to apply some elbow grease and determination.  Cristina Peral is a clear example of just this.  Born in Seville and residing in Madrid, she gave us an inside look at her latest collection, “Utopía”, a project clearly inspired by nature, that is based on high-quality materials and sustainable fashion.  Her designs are another example of the internationally popular “slow fashion” movement.  Find out more about this young, new designer and her marvelous “Art Works” below.


So Catchy!: Cristina, tell us what you’re up to now.  What’s WowCracy?

Cristina Peral: Wowcracy is a crowd-funding platform that, together with Vogue Talents Italia has created Call The Tune vol. 2 to help new talents make their designs reality.  I was one of the designers chosen to participate by Vogue Talents Italia after being recognized as one of 200 new designers in 2013.  Right now, the project is ongoing and anyone who is interested in my designs only has to reserve one;  payment will take place once the fundraiser is over and the final objective is reached.  The crowdfunding will be what allows me to produce all of the pieces in the collection.

Utopía is an artistic and artisanal project, everything is handmade, from the lookbook to the individual pieces in the collection, over many hours and using special materials and techniques.  Behind pieces there is a lot of research, experiments with different textiles and inspiration.  All of this makes it more than just another collection.

SC!: What do you have to do once you’ve received the financing for the collection?  Online sales, marketing with fashion films, etc.?

CP: The first thing I’ll do is make everything that has been pre-ordered by my clients so they arrive on time.  Once that is taken care of, I’ll look into doing a more commercial line and try to sell online and take my brand international.  But all in good time.

SC!: You’re betting that slow fashion and sustainable fashion will take off but how exactly do you work them into your designs and philosophy?

CP: My philosophy is to make quality articles and accessories; pieces that you want to acquire, like jewellery, and hold onto for your entire life.  All of my pieces are handmade using a laborious process and materials that are ecological.  They aren’t meant to be used once and then tossed away.


SC!: What ideas are behind your project and what can we see in it that makes it your own signature style?

CP: My experiments with textiles and new materials, in particular the embroidery.  In my last project, I wanted to bring the more traditional technique of embroidery to the table and apply my own personal take to it with the designs and unconventional textile spinning.

SC!: Tell us about your “Art Works” Are they par of the creative and inspirational process behind your designs?  Are they complements to your collections or something different, another form of expression?

CP: Yes, they are a part of the creative process.  They’re my inspirations, my creative universe although I also think of them as another way of expressing myself.


SC!: What do you think is the most important lesson you’ve learned from all of your studies?

CP: That perseverance, hard work and discipline are the keys to getting ahead in life.

SC!: What are you like?

CP: Hardworking, a fighter and a dreamer.

SC!: Your favorite fictional character?

CP: “Mina” Harker (maiden name Murray) the protagonist and heroine of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

SC!: A great place to live?

CP: London

SC!: Your favorite restaurant…

CP: La Galette (c/ Conde de Aranda 11) vegetarian food, great for couples. Zombie Bar ( C/ del Pez 7 ) hamburgers and sandwiches, perfect for bigger groups. Tandoori Station( C/ Ortega y Gasset 89-91) I love Indian food and this is without a doubt the best in all of Madrid.

SC!: A book you’d recommend?

CP: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

SC!: Are there any designers or brands that inspire you?

CP: I admire a lot of designers; too many to name just one and all of them inspire me in a different way.  For example, I love Leandro Cano, he’s a real artist.

SC!: Websites or blogs that you like to check out?

CP: It fashion, Dazed Digital, The Business of Fashion, Metal Magazine, …

I also like browsing through Pinterest.  I can spend hours looking at interesting things there.


Photos Mario Lomas


Translated by Michael Padilla