Once more So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins has hit the streets in search of unique personal styles and to analyze what’s being included in different outfits.

Street style photography provides so much information about time periods and social change. If you really want to maintain exclusivity and identity, you must reinvent yourself constantly or you’ll be absorbed by the culture of the masses.

We believe in ‘Anti-fashion’, and that each of our individual styles represent nothing more than a clear statement against uncertainty. Long live alternative style.

Ana Ginés Ana Ginés Conchita Gutierrez Conchita Gutierrez Mª Isabel Gordillo Mª Isabel Gordillo Mª Isabel Gordillo Mª Isabel Gordillo Zidan Hk Zidan Hk Zidan Hk Zidan Hk

Photos courtesy of Lola González

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla