Irresistibly Baroque, Oier and Carlos are clearly defining a before and after in their field, risk taking is a definite way to stand out and that’s what we like best at So Catchy!  We fell in love with Sampedro’s 2012 collection, full of aggressive creativity and accessories that instantly transform into objects of desire.  With Romania, they delve into Roma culture, expertly combining the gypsy aura with functionality.


So Catchy!: Sampedro Accessories is an artisanal accessories brand, how did you decide on such a recognizable and unique style?

Oier Garitagoitia: The aesthetics of the brand are personal and come from our own tastes and references, much like the skillset that we’ve been building.

Carlos Marrero: I prefer not to be pigeonholed with any specific type of aesthetics and I prefer to stand out because of the finishing touches we put on our pieces.

SC!: Oier, why did you decide to specialize in the world of accessories, and more specifically in fashion?

O:  I love working with my hands, creating solid pieces that I can adapt to the human body.  I see myself more as an artisan that as a tailor (laughs).

C: I swear I had nothing to do with the decision.

SC!: Tells us, why did you focus on Romania as the inspiration for your new collection?

O: Because everything is gilded and the aesthetics of it all, more is more.

C: The truth is that the name România came after we’d started making the collection, although I’ve nicknamed it 0.1 collection since România was just an excuse for creating a brand. But I do think that, in the end, we’ve really gone all in for the Romania Gypsy aesthetic.


SC!: You used real animal bones in some of your accessories, what would your response be to certain groups that might reject the pieces?

O: Indifference.  We know where the heads and horns that we use come from, and I come from a family that stressed the importance of contact with animals and respect for nature.

C: We’ve lived our lives surrounded by animals; we adore them and respect them.  We also respect what ecologists might say but I could really care less.

SC!: What is fashion for you?

O: A form of expression, a way of communicating with the world and, I hope, a way of life.

C: For me it’s a job like any other with normal and pleasant people and not so normal and not so pleasant people …
I think that I’ve been lucky to be able to dedicate my time to this since it’s something I’ve always wanted… And I think it’s a privilege to be able to, or at least to try, and make a living from what I love…
Whether or not we can do it, let’s leave that for a future interview.

SC!: A designer or brand that you admire.

O: None in particular, every season I find one or more collection that I like, but I should say that Alexander McQueen is usually one of my favorites.

C: I could write a book for you; my love for fashion could fill a ship with all different types of people, but there might not be so many minimalists on that ship.  And the captain of that boat would definitely be Galliano.

SC!: A sentence that defines your method.

O: Excitement and a desire to work.

C: Cross-generational and cultural relationships.

SC!: Who would you like to see wearing your accessories?

O: I love Laura Ponte, I’m a huge fan!

C: I’d like to see any woman who looks good with them on.

SC!: What inspires you and defines your personal styles?

O: I like the British style, the generation of the 80s and nature, which I find to be an unending source of inspiration.

C: Over time, I’ve found a style, my style, and it is really down to earth, pajamas, coats, scarves, hats and my Dr. Martens.

I really love the 90s, house culture, the models that dominated the world, Donald and Ivana Trump, and the whole movement that came out of America.


SC!: Your favourite film…

O: I prefer documentaries (laughs).

C: Anything with Julianne Moore (Savage Grace, Far from Heaven, Magnolia…)

SC!: Any online sources of inspiration?

O: I’m crazy about Japanese and older woman street style.  I also use Tumblr a lot.

C: Advanced Style that’s what I look at most… And I pay attention to what I see on the street.

SC!: Your favourite fictional character?

O: I like heroines in comics but I prefer the ones in real life.

C: Right now, I think that my favourite fictional character is Myrtle Snow, from American Horror Story: Coven, played by Frances Conroy.

SC!: And finally, just one last question, something you’ve never been asked but would love to answer…

O: Yes, I’m younger.

C: Yes, I’m the older of the two.

Lookbook Romania

Creative direction: Carlos Marrero

Photos: Pedro Quintana

Styling: Oier Garitagoitia & Carlos Marrero

Make up: Rocío Cuenca from Mac

Assistant: Zelai Moreno (Instituto Idem)

Lookbook 2012

Photos: Pelagio Armenta

Styling: Carlos Marrero & Oier Garitagoitia

Hair & make up: Manuel Preciado

Model: Andrea de la Rosa

Translated by Michael Padilla