Not too long ago we received an email from a young woman talking about her online fashion project “Infinite Universe”, and she invited us to get in touch and see what it was all about.

The sender, Ester Ramos, described Infinite Universe with so much passion and enthusiasm that, even before seeing what it was all about and what the designs were like, we had a feeling that it was going to be good.  And, we were right.  Ester’s project has definitely caught our attention and for more than one reason.  Her concept is fresh and original, it’s probably going to be successful, you can take our word for it, and it was all put together by a relatively young woman in this world, she is only 20 years old after all.


Ester Ramos, wearing a She Smokes sweater from the Marla Singer Photography collection

Infinite Universe is the fruit of Ester’s two great passions, fashion and photography.  The concept behind the brand is to support young artiest by printing their work on different items of clothes.  Every new collection displays the work of a new artist (photographers, illustrators, digital artists, etc.)

The message behind the brand is simple: Now you can wear cool clothes that help to support artists and are unique.  We love it!

SO CATCHY!: How did you come up with the idea of creating this brand? What do you want to get at?

ESTER RAMOS: I always love fashion! I wanted to create a project that joined Fashion and Photography because they are the arts that I’m most passionate about. I thought of creating a clothing brand with an interesting concept. A unique and alternative clothing brand that could support artists all over the world by adding their photographic work into the pieces of clothing and that’s how Infinite Universe was born.

I just want to be the fashion brand that all the art lovers fall in love with and can express their personal, original and creative style through the pieces of clothing.

SC!: How are you going to innovate in this world?

ER: The world of fashion is a tough and competitive world and to stand out I will always be looking for something different, something creative and unique. Unique and visual photography will be the key for my brand. What you haven’t seen in a piece of clothing will be what you will see on Infinite Universe Clothing.

SC!: Did you get any support to create your own brand? Has been difficult? Tell us a bit of your story…

ER: I would say it is been a journey, a process. I have had many people who have supported me and many people who did not take me seriously but I think it is part of every idea that seems impossible.

I had some difficulties to find the perfect manufacture to make the designs because it is a market that is slowly growing and just a few companies can do this type of work.


SC!: How are you going to get artists to create designs (photos, pictures, paints) for your brand?

ER: My main idea was always to spread the artist’s work through my clothing. The artist will have his/her work worn by many creative people around the world which is such a unique and powerful opportunity to promote the work of the artist.

I’m just starting in the fashion clothing world but the artist will always receive recognition and profits by accepting this collaboration and giving the rights to use his/her work.

SC!: Name a few of websites about fashion and art you cannot stop reading…

There are so many! But C-headsWe The Urban and TrendLand are in the top favorites.

SC!: An artist to love…

ER: I felt in love with the fashion photography work of my first artist collection: Marla Singer Photography.

SC!: A fashion designer to admire…

ER: Mary Katrantzou.

SC!: Define FASHION in your own words…

ER: Fashion is the best way to expresses yourself as an individual! Expressing what you love what you hate, what you are, what you aren’t and the best part is to have fun with it!


SC!: How do you think young creators such as yourself could be helped in developing their ideas?

ER: I think young creators such as I don’t have the knowledge in the economic and financial part. I think young creators should be taken more seriously in society just because we are so young doesn’t mean we are not capable of starting a big project, we just need more business help.

SC!: An impossible dream…

ER: By starting this project that seemed impossible to me now I think if we work really hard and believe in it nothing is impossible.

SC!: You cannot live without….

ER: Art! Because art makes everything seem so beautiful and unique.

If you want to see more, follow the links to check out the Infinite Universe Online Store, Infinite Universe Facebook page or Infinite Universe Tumblr.

Collection: Marla Singer Photography Collection

Photography: Marla Singer Photography

Models: Eglè Jankauskaitè, Louise Ebel y Karolina Kapustaite

Paper Artwork: Paulius Mielinis Origami

Leggings: Naked Bruce


Translated by Michael Padilla