Do you want to be ahead of the curve in fashion? Do you want to know what trends consumers will be raving about in the upcoming months and years? Do you want to stand out from the competition?

At So Catchy! we can give you the key to achieving that sought-after competitive edge with our knowledge of the most important emerging trends around the world.

How does it work?

So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins has joined forces with the business leader in trend detection and analysis, the Coolhunting Group, to create a brand new observatory, So Catchy! Trends.

If you want to know what will be hot in fashion, art or retail, we can give you and your business the latest trend forecasts tailor-made for your business or sector. Stay ahead of the curve and become a point of reference among the competition by anticipating trends to come.

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What are trend forecasts?

Trend forecasts give you the keys to developing strategic lines by analyzing the most relevant business innovations and ideas from around the world in your sector. Forecasts provide a vision of the future by focusing on the present and the detection of emerging trends, the ever-changing needs, desires and preferences of your consumer base.

What is coolhunting?

Coolhunting is an innovative discipline that detects, identifies and analyzes trends in different sectors as they appear with the goal of applying these trends for commercial and economic benefit, generating a positive impact on revenue and achieving strategic objectives set out company leaders.

What sectors and industries con benefit from coolhunting?

Coolhunting can be applied to any sector or industry since change and innovation is a constant everywhere. Emerging trends can be found in healthcare, banking, the food industry, tourism, the automotive industry, insurance, technology, fashion and retail. The list goes on and on. The discipline looks for indicators of change to reveal emerging trends before they become a part of mass culture, before they are adopted by consumers and assimilated by competitors, putting you at the forefront of your sector.

Who are Coolhunters?

Coolhunters are, simply, professionals who practice the art of trend forecasting. Professionals in the field will have experience and training in Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Marketing, Economics and Finance, as well as Business and other disciplines. To be able to synthesize information and analyze trends across such a wide area can take between 3 and 5 years. 90% of Spanish-speaking professional Coolhunters have trained at the Coolhunting University, an international point of reference in the field.

What is the Coolhunting Group and what services do they offer?

The Coolhunting Group is a company specialized in Business Coolhunting. It has a network of coolhunters around the world who report on the latest innovations and ideas in business in the B2C sector. Since 2009 they have provided services and consulting to over 500 companies working in 15 different sectors in 12 different countries. The Coolhunting Group’s career arc speaks for itself.

What methodology is used to process information and produce trend forecasts?

The Coolhunting Group uses it’s own technical methodology to identify, analyze and predict trends, which minimizes the margin of error caused by external factors that influence the progression of different trends. This methodology has been developed and tested scientifically over the course of 4 years and formed part of the doctoroal thesis of Manuel Serrano Ortega, the President of the group. This methodology has been successfully tested time and again with all of the group’s clients.

Why is it so important to follow trends in our sector?

Being aware of emerging trends helps you to detect not only new business opportunities and new market niches to better position your company, but also possible threats on the horizon that will impact the organization. This provides unique, strategic information before your competitors and an important and necessary competitive edge to compete in and lead your field.

Who can benefit from Coolhunting?

Any organization, institution, business, public administration or start-up that wants to not just compete in the global market, but be a leader in their field can benefit from staying ahead of the emerging trends in their field. In the current hypercompetitive global market where change happens at an increasingly rapid pace, having the right information ahead of time can lead to making the right strategic decisions to survive.

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