Once again our friends at RESHAPE are organizing their annual competition. The event gives a look into the future where innovation, technology and fashion go hand in hand.

RESHAPE17 Awards Ceremony

In this year’s edition, RESHAPE 18 | sensing materialites competition, the call is out for all kinds of artistic work relating to technology and development, and technological research applied to design, in the form of wearables or consumer goods.

RESHAPE17 Exhibition, Presentation & 1 on 1 sessions with industry professionals

The driving force behind RESHAPE is that in this new digital age, our bodies will be subject to a number of new problems: from increasing environmental pollution to possible illnesses caused by radiation or pandemics. To face these issues, deeper connections must be made with nature. In this respect, technology plays a dual role. Scientists predict that many threats in the future will derive from unprecedented technological evolution, whose impact we need to recognize and control. At the same time, as technology advances, our ability to detect needs and apply solutions will as well.

Once again, the objective of RESHAPE18 will be to co-create a future that improves quality of life for all people through the joining of the latest in technology and creativity, with solutions to every day problems.

RESHAPE17 Roundtable event with leaders of design and technology, Simone Cesano, Adidas Senior Director Design Operations

RESHAPE is organized by Moumena in collaboration with IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions and Fira de Barcelona.

The entry deadline for projects is open until the 31st of August 2018 and for more information, be sure to check out their website here.

From So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins we encourage our readers to take part as there’s no better the future than the one you are an active part of shaping.

Images courtesy of RESHAPE

Translation & Layout by Michael Padilla