As we’ve said before, Instagram is a wonderful place to discover interesting new artists, but we also have come across a number of new projects thanks to the recommendations of our friends and colleagues.

And this is the case with this week’s interviewee, Coucou Souzette, a label from Paris that we at So Catchy! found out about through our good friend Marina Jimenez from Miss Kleckley. We fell in love with Coucou Suzette at first sight and decided to get in touch with the artist to find out more about the unique universe she has created.

SC!: What is your background? Did you study art or fashion?

CS: Yes! As far as I can remember I’ve always been loving making creative stuff. I’ve studied Illustration and Design at the ENSAD in Paris, then I spent 6 months in a Japanese Art School in Tokyo where I fell in love with kitsch.

Finally, I studied Jewelry at the Ecole Boulle in Paris when I came back.

SC!: Can you tell us about your creative process?

CS: I have a Little notebook that I bring everywhere with me, and I note all my ideas and sketches.

When there is an idea I specially like, I draw it again and again until I’m happy with it, then I scan it, improve it with my graphic Tablet and add the colors on Photoshop.

I finally send my new creation to my manufacturer and work with them until I love the result.

SC!: What can you tell us about your collaboration with Sephora?

CS: It has been a great opportunity for me to work with such a huge French cosmetics Brand. They contacted me by Instagram to propose me to imagine 7 designs based on their different make up sections (lips, eyes, nail polish…) then we turned my illustrations into fun patches that will be worn by all the sellers in the Sephora shops.

SC!: What would you like to do in the near future? Some dreams yet to fulfill?

CS: I would love to develop my brand more and more! My very first shirt is about to be launched I just love this creation, can’t wait to show it! As well as some quirky home goods and jewelry.

I have now many retailers and would be thrilled to be more represented in Korea and Japan which stays my crush country.

And I hope I will make many more collabs with cool brands!

SC!: Who do you admire? Could you tell us some brands, designers, artists or Instagram accounts that you like to follow

CS: There are many amazing artists I love, here are some: Karin Hagen (@karinhagen) a Swedish ceramist, Takayo Kiyota (@smilingsushiroll39) who makes the most fantastic sushis-illustrations, Yumi Kitagishi (@yumikitagishi) who makes adorable nail art I just met her and she was as cute as her work. Titi Bird (@titibird1488) a Korean illustrator, Marianne Battle (@mariannebattle) who makes the cutest beaded brooches and Melody Caked Shop (@melodycakeshop) a Korean chief making colorful cakes.


Images courtesy of Coucou Suzette

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla