In a market so full of competition, it’s often difficult to get a foothold in the world of sneakers. It’s not often that we find a brand that surprises us, making us want to seek out an alternative to our favorite traditional brands. Which brings us today to the Spanish label Morrison, which recently caught our eye and peaked our curiosity. There’s something about the design, the 90s esthetic, and their image in general that makes it easy for us to imagine a pair on our feet. Add to that the artisanal production, attention to detail, color scheme and innovative fabrics and you have a new proposal fit to compete with the standard bearers of the footwear sector.

Morrison Co-Founders

We got in touch with one of the cofounders and CEO of the company, Pablo Recuenco to find out more. Vans better be paying attention, Morrison leaves a big footprint.

So Catchy!: Before we begin, congratulations on your success. We know your history but, where are you now with the project?

Pablo Recuenco: Thanks! At the moment we are in a period of growth and brand building. You could say that until a few months ago, we were still in the starting phase, getting our name out there and, at the same time, improving and fixing different aspects, like the quality of the product, brand image, communication, working structure, etc. Once we’ve got to the quality standards we are seeking, and we can leave our day jobs to dedicate ourselves 100% to the project, we’ll focus more on growth and reaching as many people as possible. We’d like the whole world to know the Lighthouse and Morrison.

Bloody Mary

SC!: What do you think sets you apart in a market as saturated with interesting proposals such as footwear?

PR: There are really two key aspects. First of all, we’ve made shoes with an original design, completely different than those on the market now. Our characteristic side strips, the patterns or combination of colors allows us to stand apart within the market where yes, there are many proposals, but many of them are similar.

Secondly, and most importantly I believe, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort building a potent sense of brand identity, together with a convincing story and philosophy. Morrison and the Lighthosue are a binomial that attract the public and create a sense of belonging. Having a good product allows you to build a style, but having a good brand identity, with a recognizable logo and name, allows you to transcend time.

SC!: Why did you choose the 90s as inspiration for your collection? Are you willing to evolve with your esthetic as fashion trends change or do you prefer to stay loyal to your current image?

PR: We chose the 90s because we were born then and our target clients have as well or have lived a part of their lives in that period, making it easier to create an emotional link. It will always be a part of our philosophy as a brand but, of course, we ill adapt to new scenarios as they present themselves.

Limited edition Blink 182

SC!: What is your relationship with the world of influencers? Do you do marketing through them?

PR: We are aware of how important the figure of an influencer is. In our case, in part due to our business philosophy and in part because we’re still a small company, we’ve decided to grow naturally.

What we’ve done until now with influencers is because they’ve got into contact with us directly because they like the style. None of them have asked for anything in exchange. We want to have ambassadors who love the brand, not influencers who wear them only for pay.

SC!: If you had to name a brand / designer who inspires you…?

PR: We try to keep our brand on its own path without paying to much attention to what other labels do. But if we had to name one, it would definitely be Vans.


SC!: Are you selling outside of Spain? How are you expanding to international markets?

PR: We do sell outside of Spain but the sales are organic, probably word of mouth among friends, because we aren’t doing any publicity outside of Spain at the moment. It’s a project that we have in mind for 2019 because we believe the label could perform well abroad.

SC!: And finally, on a personal level, we’d like you to share with our readers any Instagram accounts, blogs or other sources that you look to for inspiration.

PR: We like to keep our eyes on what’s happening across the pond. Trends and the major points of reference typically come from the USA. We don’t only follow fashion labels, like Converse or Vans, but creative brands that stand out from the herd like Starbucks or Coca-cola.

Images courtesy of Morrison

Be sure to check out their website for more (in Spanish only)

Translation by Michael Padilla