The prestigious London College of Style brings together the best creative talent in fashion and personal styling.  Based in London, of course, they’ll soon be setting up shop in Manchester as well.  LCS offers exclusive courses in fashion styling and all the fields that encompasses. Next year will mark the beginning of a new course on Editorial Styling as the profession continues to grow.  The courses offer direct access to real projects in the fashion industry while studying and potential work in the market upon graduation.

Aware of the important role that fashion editorials play in magazines and online publications, as well as the potential for the profession, the team at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins and the London College of Style have decided to partner up over the next few months to bring you new and interesting content.

First of all we’ll be presenting you to some of the graduates of the programmes at LCS to give you an inside look at the attractive, and competitive, world of fashion design.


Elvia Rietveld – Freelance Stylist & Fashion Editor / 7TH MAN Magazine.

Elvia Rietveld is a young yet knowledgeable stylist currently working as Junior Fashion Editor for 7th MAN Magazine. After successfully graduating from the LONDON COLLEGE of STYLE, her work can be found in magazines such as Time and Leisure, Volt Magazine, SYN, Atlas and Kaltblut. She attends fashion shows, styles commercially for Selfridges and dresses various VIP clients and musicians alike.

SO CATCHY!: Since your graduation from LCS what was your experience like, stepping into this highly competitive industry?  Was it daunting?

ELVIA RIETVELD: I have never found it daunting; every day is a new and exciting challenge. The more I have put myself out there and gained experience in different areas of the industry, the more confident I have become.


SC!: What magazines have you worked for so far?

ER: I have published my editorial styling in Volt Magazine, SYN, Atlas, Kaltbult Time & Leisure and 7TH MAN Magazine of which I work in house as Fashion Editor.

SC!: The best thing about your job is…

ER: It doesn’t feel like a job, i enjoy every minute and feel very lucky to be working in the industry. I have also worked with so many talented and lovely people.


SC!: Can you tell us more about 7TH?

ER: 7TH MAN is a high-end menswear magazine, with a very creative editorial style.


SC!: What’s your favorite stylist trick?

ER: Bulldog clips, great for a quick fix…. I couldn’t live without them.

SC!: What are you working on right now?

ER: I am working on Issue 8 of the magazine, selecting creative teams to work with me on upcoming fashion stories.


SC!: Any tips for aspiring fashion stylists?

ER: Do your research! The more imagery you have to reference the stronger your final outcome will be.

SC!: Your ultimate style icon is…

ER: Being a stylist, i can be a bit of a chameleon, taking inspiration from many different style icons. However, i do admire Florence Welch’s personal style as it suits her down to a T.


All images courtesy of the London College of Style

Features writers (London)

Marianna Salvadori & Eva Novotna

Translated by Michael Padilla