While perusing Instagram recently we came across a fascinating artist that took us to an entertaining world full of color. Jeff McCann is artist whose work is inspiring not just because of its inventiveness, but also owing to the nature of the materials used, creating pieces from used materials in a process known as upcycling.

We don’t want to give too much away but read on to enter the fascinating mind of Jeff McCann.

So Catchy!: We really enjoy all your work and we are very intrigued to know about when and why did you start this way of expression through used cardboard.

Jeff McCann: I studied design for theatre and television at university. I first started working with cardboard to make a set for a theatre show. I created a 22m long cardboard wall that wrapped around the space.

From there I just kept experimenting with it. I like that I can paint onto it but also build something three-dimensional too. The options are endless. Also the fact that I only used repurposed cardboard that I get from bike shops means that I don’t have to worry about wasting money on expensive materials. It frees me up completely to just focus on making.

SC!: What is your background?

JM: I’ve always painted since I was 10 years old but never knew how to could turn my art into a career. So I decided to study design. I’m lucky that my practice now blurs the lines between art, design, costume and fashion.

SC!: What is your creative process like?

JM: I am heavily inspired by avant-garde fashion, surface design and tapestries. Ceremony ritual, colour and play: bringing back a childlike sense of wonder to my audience. I always want my work to be fun and approachable foremost. Then I like that my audience discovers the sustainable component secondly. I never want to throw my sustainable approach in their face. I think that surprising them more satisfying.

SC!: What would you like to do in the near future? Any dreams yet to fulfill?

JM: My goal is to be known as ‘the guy who can make you crazy fashion/objects from rubbish. I have a few project goals for the next few years:

  • Develop my first casual clothing collection made from repurposed cardboard
  • Collaborate with drag queens.
  • Work with more musicians on art direction. (Music videos, costumes, tour imagery)

Made from festival wristbands

SC!: Who do you admire? Could you tell us some brands, designers, artists or Instagram accounts that you like to follow

JM: I honestly don’t follow a lot of international brands. I really like to get involved in my local maker community and get inspired by them. It could be anything from jewellers, fashion designs, artist, muralist performers. Anything really. Instagram makes it super easy to get inspiration. A few accounts include @rosiedeacon, @sashavelour, @romancewasborn.

Made from repurposed fabric in zip lock bags


Photography: @victor.tawagi

Model: @mollyclaref

Hair&Makeup: @rachelbyronartist

Festival Wristband piece

Photography: @sophiejoyceart

Model: @alexgem44

Hair&Makeup: @alexgem44

Ziploc Bag piece

Photography: @helloamybenjamin

Model: @feelslikeforian 

Translation & Layout by Michael Padilla