This week, one of our newest contributors here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, Blué Spit in London, England, brings us her unique vision of the essence of youth that can be found there. Her subjects are acquaintances, friends, classmates from university and random people she’s met around the city. She has managed to create a feeling of closeness with her models. As she puts it:

“I choose who I capture because I feel their beauty needs to be captured so the world can see it. They either have a very personal style, or an intriguing look or both! I like to bring something different to the table when I capture the moment. Different styles, different souls.

My first time shooting Marvis, Tiffany Kush, Kay and Nicole, I chose to shoot them, not the other way round, some didn’t want to and others were intrigued and exited as they had seen previous work with other models like Inés; one of the models I picked out didn’t want to at all. When she saw the end result her first comment was “I believe in Blue’s magic”.

It’s also about making people believe that they are beautiful, but their own kind of beauty.

I don’t only capture people that I know, I have a very heavy case of networking, seeing somebody I like on the Underground and asking them for a quick snap and keeping in contact for future shoots. Scroll down Instagram’s feed and meet new models through there or even at Fashion Week. I have a new filming project coming up and the majority of the models participating I met like that.

People think I’m crazy when I tell them but what’s a better way to meet new people and models?

Capturing the moment and soul is my motto and I want to photograph as many beauties as I can.”

Once again, So Catchy! goes “Where Fashion Begins”. Keep your eyes on this up and coming photographer, we sure will.
















Text by Lourdes Rodríguez.

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla.