At So Catchy!, we love to discover innovative talent that stands out from the crowd due to their personality, new ideas and proposals, and Irina DZHUS is all of that. The beauty of her work is such that you find yourself absorbed in the harmony of the lines and spectacular shapes. In October, Irina will present her new spring/summer collection in Paris and so we talked with to find out more about the brilliant mind behind DZHUS.



So Catchy!: When and why did you decide to go into fashion design?

Irina Dzhus: I’ve always had a passion for arts and by the time I was 5 I already knew I’d become a designer. Since then, I couldn’t even imagine myself doing anything else.

SC!: What is the main leit motiv behind your creations?

ID: DZHUS’ identity is a synthesis of industrial aesthetics and a distinctive spiritual message.



SC!: What kind of materials do you use in your collections?

ID: In my early collections I used futuristic, synthetic materials, such as neoprene, polyurethane etc., but along with the brand’s development has come the realization of how important it was to use natural textiles if I wanted real people to be DZHUS’ clients, not only performers, stylists and filmmakers. I ‘ve also reconsidered my personal vision of quality and utility and have developed a taste for textured cottons, linen knits, woolen felt and many other fabrics that I use now as a base for my garments. However, I’m still into experimenting with materials: to reflect the technological matter of my concepts, I impregnate denim with rubber, bleach linen, pipe my signature exposed seams with elastic and so on.

Another important thing is that, being a vegeterian myself, I only use violence-free [cruelty-free] materials.



SC!: What are your next projects?

ID: Now I’m working on my next collection, SS16, to be presented in Paris in October. It is inspired by uniforms, mostly medical and workers’, but I’m also playing up some elements of karate training suits and straitjackets.



SC!: Tell us some creative minds that you admire

ID: I’m a big fan of early Margiela, Yamamoto and Miyake. Now that the legendary avant-garde fashion houses have become far more commercial, I enjoy discovering new designers with revolutionary ideas. As regards my favorite creatives ever, I worship the heritage left by the artist Hieronymus Bosch, Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol and Soviet writer Daniel Harms.

SC!: Which Instagram account, magazines, or blog you can not miss?

ID: Frankly speaking, I have no free time at all, so, unfortunately, I’m always missing a lot of interesting things, including most of the media.



SC!: Do you have a dream yet to be fulfilled?

ID: I aim to be stocked at world’s cult concept stores some day, so that more unique personalities can find a perfect shell for their peculiar inner world.


Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign

Photo: Olga Nepravda

Stylist: Irina Dzhus

Makeup & Hair: Maria Kolomiets

Models: Fortune Chidi @ Ego Models, Anna Diagileva


Photo: Olga Nepravda

Stylist, Makeup & Hair: Irina Dzhus

Model: Viera Stankeieva

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla