When we think of fashion-forward celebrities and even famous models, it tends to be through the lens of a computer screen or magazine. These are the mediums through which we get to know these people, at least in the sense of how they dress and how they push, and sometimes establish new trends. And from your everyday fashion magazines and lookbooks to recent lists of the most stylish footballers at the 2018 World Cup, there’s always something putting iconic fashion figures in front of us.

Seeing these people in person, however, is another story! With some exceptions based on where you might live or work, or even your own social standing, most of us aren’t particularly accustomed to running into celebrities in our day-to-day lives. And seeking them out individually is intrusive, to say the least. However, there are a few types of venues where you can still hope to glimpse celebrity fashion icons in person, and perhaps see how well their actual, personal wardrobes play in public. We’re listing a few of those places here.

Major Tennis Tournaments

There just seems to be something about the world’s biggest tennis tournaments – and in particular, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open – that draws famous figures out in relative droves. At the U.S. Open in New York every August and September it’s not uncommon to see the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, or Alec Baldwin attending night sessions, usually dressed in that casual-but-fashionable way celebrities seem to pull off with ease. And at Wimbledon, celebrities and royals pack the event when it gets down to the really important matches, and while there isn’t a dress code you can expect to see them making an effort to look their best. Attending late stage matches at these tournaments is actually a fairly sure bet as far as celebrity sighting goes.

Major Horse Racing Events

Even more than tennis tournaments, major horse racing events tend to embrace fashion. While there is a little bit of goofiness to horse racing fashion, in the form of excessively bright colors, oversized hats, and unusual accessories, there’s also something undeniable chic about it all. And at particularly big occasions, such as Britain’s Royal Ascot or the United States’ Kentucky Derby, you may just see some famous people embracing the fashion of it all and walking the grounds for the big races.

High-End Casinos

You might think of casinos as giant, gaudy lobbies of twinkling slot machines. These have become the most popular games in the UK, the US and beyond where casinos are concerned, and they’re also the games that have allowed casinos to migrate to the internet so successfully, along with online poker. But high-end casinos – places like the Bellagio’s famous poker rooms or the Casino de Monte-Carlo – still pack a sort of sophisticated, vintage punch. They’re not necessarily celebrity hot spots, but they are places where you might occasionally see a public figure dressed up and playing poker, or even high fashion models attending events. It’s a whole different world from that of slot banks and online gaming, and one in which fashion can still matter.

Los Angeles Restaurants

Again, you don’t want to pursue celebrities as individuals or find out where a particular one might be eating just so you can go and get a look. That’s trending into TMZ territory, and can be more than a little intrusive. However, there are whole lists of restaurants where celebrities are generally known to be spotted in Los Angeles, which means you know where to eat if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse. Some of these places are more casual than others, so you’ll want to aim for the fancier end if you’re focused on fashion, but the whole list is worth looking at.

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla