We are witnessing the beginnings of an artist who will revolutionize the world of audiovisual art.  He doesn’t need to go out looking for inspiration; he finds it in his day-to-day life.  He observes and analyzes the details that make our existence unique.  Working in much the same way as a symphony conductor does with his audiovisual creations, he takes us to a dreamlike world full of emotion, suspense and sensation that won’t let you leave unmoved.


This young, self-taught art director has been moving since he was a child.  His grandfather, a major influence throughout his life, was the first person to show him the world outside of Algeciras in southern Spain.  There the seed was planted and years later it would blossom into a restlessness to see the world and get to know different cultures.  He has worked and learned his trade in Seville, Buenos Aires, Madrid, London and New York, without once forgetting his Andalusian roots, a signal of his identity and his calling card in the business.


His gift and expressive force characterize each and every one of his projects in every detail, from the locations to prop design and the choice of music.  He has infused his personality into every corner of his work, creating a signature style that is very much his own and easily recognizable.  All of this is applied to a multitude of ideas and scenes that spring from an unchained imagination.  Raúl seems to bring dreams to life and make unbelievable images seem real.


If you ask him what his best work is, his favorite project, his answer will undoubtedly be the last one he was working on, and he’ll tell you that doesn’t look back, even to help move forward.  He has a can-do spirit, he likes to be challenged and look for solutions to problems and his motto comes from a famous Picasso saying, “when inspiration arrives, I want it to find me working”.  Raúl Rosillo goes from project to project, from fashion to architecture to social issues and a feature film, a project he has been working on for some time that might be out before you know it.


VIVO opens January 10th in Algeciras, Spain

We’ll be closely following this talented Andaluz artist and for now, we hope you’ll do the same with his first travelling exhibition, VIVO, which opens 10 January at 8:00 PM in the Galería Ramón Puyol at the Fundación José Luís Cano, c/ Teniente Miranda, 118, Algeciras, Cádiz.

Photos: Raúl Rosillo’s PhotoDiary

Translation Layout and Portraits by Michael Padilla