Larissa Hadjio is one of those creative spirts who posess the ‘je ne sais quois’ which is so difficult to define, that innate talent for taking pieces of art and turning them into accessories. One of her most well known pieces, the shrimp clutch, the one that we fell in love with, opened the doors to fashion publications around the world. With each new collection, Larissa creates a unique conceptual universe based upon a specific theme. Her handbags, fanny packs and other leather accessories become aquatic animals, diamonds, chihuahuas or African masks. For this designer, the most important thing is to create quality pieces that are elegant and have a touch of humour.


Her studies at Central St. martins allowed her to develop her artistic discipline and to bring these works of art into being, making them the perfect accessory. So Catchy! had the pleasure to chat with this talented artist who left us wanting to see more.



So Catchy!: Larissa, we read a lot about you and your work, we really admire your creations and we would like to know how your creative process works.

Larissa Hadjio: Thank you! I try to look as little as possible at fashion. I have a Fine Art background and art still inspires a lot of my work, and there is a world swarming with inspirations waiting to be looked at and maybe turned into a functional object like a handbag.

SC!: In your opinion, what defines a good designer?

LH: A strong and confident visionary, is for me someone that has a different few point on things or filter information from it, creating an angle I have not considered and surprises me. Someone who truly loves their craft and explores it.


SC!: Elegant and funny, bold and also minimalist, your bags and accessories are the perfect mix, something that adds the final touch to an outfit. Which of your pieces do you wear the most?

LH: I’m a fanny pack fanatic. I rarely leave the house without one. Sometimes I even double up and wear a fanny pack and shoulder bag at the same time, just in case. I also try and wear a bag to death so I can understand how it stands the test of time.


SC!: We would like to know the person behind the artist, what do you usually do when you are not designing?

LH: Believe it or not, I am the happiest surrounded by animals. Taking my sister and her horse for a walk in the forest, or travelling to a remote farm in Thailand to hang out with some baby elephants. I try to take as much advantage of how easy these days we can move from urban life to wilderness.


SC!: Some websites or blog that you love…

LH: I love the culture and aesthetic driven Haw-lin tumblr and ComsumeConsume’s rawness. I am in a skpye chat called Junkarama, where we 20 of us share our best findings. It’s a news channel to us.


SC!: Which are your next projects?

LH: Next up is Fashion Week in London and Paris, and a series of trunk shows. I’m also excited about a few projects planed this spring with amazing photographers and creatives, it’s a great being able to collaborate with all different types of inspiring people.

SC!: Do you have a dream yet to be fulfilled?

LH: Yes, a few. Bag and non-bag related.

Images courtesy of Larissa Hadijo

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla