Gigi Jung is a whirlwind of creativity. A lover of Tim Burton films and collector of humourous games, she sees herself as a big kid who has found the way to add a touch of this childish nature to the world of fashion.


Born in South Korea, she studied Fashion Design Womenswear at Central Saint Martins has recently finished a Master’s in Fashion Artefact at the London College of Fashion. Currently, she is preparing the presentation of her latest collection, Translate Pig, which is an assortment of incredible pieces inspired by parts of a dissected pig, pieced back together again by Gigi’s imagination to create handbags, wallets and cases.

Her first collection was no less amazing with colourful, pastic-y kitsch pieces that Lady Gaga herself wore during her 2014 tour.

If you’ve ever thought that fashion isn’t art, after reading this interview here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we think you’ll change your mind.


PeeWee’s Big Adventure

SO CATCHY!: You have studied Fashion Design Womenswear and Fashion Artefacts. Which one do you prefer?

GIGI JUNG: I like both because they are all in the Fashion.

SC!: So, you see yourself designing… what kind of objects?

GJ: Kitsch-art?! I always want to put something fun and humor into my product.

SC!: Your inspiration normally comes from…

GJ: Films. There are tons of interesting sources which I can get inspiration from like screens, the atmosphere and even sounds from movies.


 PeeWee’s Big Adventure

SC!: The bags of your last collection are amazing pieces of wearable art… Tell us about Translate Pig.

GJ: From “Pig 05049” by Christien Meindertsma. This book is all about a pig. I was quite getting interested about pigs, more and more, after reading this book and I started to research pigs. So I went to a market, a butcher and even a farm where I could see pigs and pork. And I was quite interested by a pig which was divided into parts, like the leg, the rump, etc, at the butcher and I imagined how this divided pig could be put together again like Bumble-bee from Transformer. Moreover, a sculpture, “Translated Vase”, by Sookyoung Lee, gives another inspiration for me to how the pieces can be put together again. Meanwhile, I wanted to show my craftsmanship on my product, so that is the reason why I used the leather moulding and braiding technique.

SC!: It is amazing that Lady Gaga sponsored your pieces from your 1st collection… How was that?

GJ: When Lady Gaga made the video for Lady Gaga’s Art-Rave World Tour Concert 2014, her stylist contacted me and I sent all my products to the US. I was so happy to have my pieces sponsored by her because, as you know, she is a super celebrity and I know how she always want to try new and unique things.


Translated Pig

SC!: Apart from Lady Gaga… what kind of people would you like to wear your pieces?

GJ: People who really love and live in ART.

SC!: Handcraft vs 3D. Which do you prefer?

GJ: I used a 3D printer and a CNC machine before. Of course these machines save both my effort and time a lot. But I think people can feel the craftsmanship only from handcrafted work.

SC!: Do you plan to sell online anytime soon?

GJ: My products are all leather moulding and handcrafted so it takes a long time to create even one, but if there is anyone who wants to buy something, I would really love to make it!


Translated Pig

SC!: What’s the future of fashion in your opinion?

GJ: The great thing about fashion is that it can change every season and is not planned in advance. There is always the element of surprise. I prefer not to project into the future but to take it day by day, season by season.

SC!: You would love to work with…

GJ: Tim burton!!! I’m a huge fan of his and my first collection from the BA was about “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”, which is Tim’s debut film.

SC!: What would you like to do next?

GJ: Firstly I want to get a job as a bag designer in a high fashion brand and then after, if I have the chance, I want to start my own brand.


Private Collection

SC!: Define Fashion

GJ: My second identity.

SC!: You can’t stop wearing…

GJ: A cotton turtle neck jersey t-shirt. I’m always wearing it, I don’t know why.

SC!: :You can’t live without…

GJ: Eye-cream

SC!: Your favourite place in the world…

GJ: The mountains.


Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

All garments, hat, bag and accessories made and designed by Gigi Jeehyun Jung

Photographer: Linda Cooper

Model: Anna Tatton

Hair + Make-up: Grace Gray

Translated Pig

Bag Designer: Gigi Jeehyun Jung

Techniques : Leather molding, Leather craft, 3D resin casting and craft

Materials: Veg-tanned leather, resin, metal, lightweight powder

Photographer: Paul Peter

Header photo: Model – Elite London, Make-up + Hair – Yumi Noh, Shot at Allens of Mayfair

All others: Model – FM Model, Make-up + Hair – Louise Hall

Private Collection Headpiece

Designer: Gigi Jeehyun Jung

Photographer: Jinwoo Moon

Model: YG Kplus – Hyokyoung Kim

Make-up + Hair: Jinwoo Moon

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla