Marina Díaz, the young designer we spoke to almost one year ago, has finished her degree at CEADE, presenting an impressive collection. Óculos Celestiales (Celestial Eyes) is attractive, coloristic and powerful, and represents, without a doubt, the beginning of a promising career that we here at So Catchy!, will be following closely.


So Catchy!: Marina, before we begin, congratulations on your collection “Óculos Celestiales” (Celestial Eyes), we were pleasantly surprised and the team at So Catchy! really enjoyed it. Can you tell us about where you got your inspiration?

Marina Escobalto: Thank you so much! The trajectory of the collection has been a little difficult, but also enjoyable, as I’ve mentioned before in a previous interview with So Catchy!. I’ve been dreaming about this collection since I started studying Fashion Design. I think that fashion is moving to another plane, beyond humanity, so I wanted to find a deeper theme to focus on, something that would bring more meaning to the clothing. When you wear them, you’re not just covering a basic necessity, you’re connecting with the heavens and the stars. “Óculos Celestiales” is inspired on the long-standing relationship between humans and the naming of stars and projecting their dreams on them. Each sign of the zodiac comes from a constellation of stars that, if you use your imagination, form a drawing that represents a distinct group of human characteristics, and that is what my embroidery represents.


SC!: Can you tell us about the process behind selecting the materials you used?

ME: The theme of the collection is representative of the greatness of humanity so in the beginning I used more noble fabrics like silk velvet, organza, and silk sateen. I was sure about the techniques I wanted to bring to the collection and so I chose materials that are essential for me. Since it’s an Fall / Winter collection, the fabrics had to be thick and provide protection and elegance at the same time. The linings of the pieces were also carefully planned out. The feel and look of the collection are the two sensations that I wanted to focus on most. Reversible pieces in harmony with the rest of the collection. Dark, sea blue backs representing the mystery of what could be encountered in the afterlife. And concentric velvet moons mixed with embroidered rabbits in gold thread that accentuate the Marina Escobalto logo.

SC!: And your prints? Did you design them yourself or did you work with someone else?

ME: I made them. The feel and the way they look were very important for this collection so I settled on embroidery. They’re illustrations of mine that are inspired in the signs of the zodiac and I produced them while making the pieces. The embroidery technique made the whole process longer since I needed to work with many different people with different schedules.


SC!: What was your experience at school like this last year?

ME: This last year has been the culmination of the previous years’ work. I’m quite surprised how I’ve evolved creatively and I feel that I’ve learned a lot over the last four years. I’ve realized that creativity and an artistic spirit are fundamental but they depend on the effort of each individual. I produced a collection that I’d always dreamed about: daring, imaginative and, in a way, against the grain.

SC!: And what are you working on in the short term?

ME: First of all, any project I work on, be it short term or long, should serve towards gaining experience in my field. I’m going to work with a producer as a stylist for a television series and even though it will only last a few months, I want to feel as if it has an impact on fashion in the audiovisual world. Years ago I had the opportunity to work for a short time in Babelsberg Studio in Potsdam, Germany, which gave me an appreciation for the impact a good wardrobe can have in this field.

And, with a lot of anticipation and energy, I’ll be presenting my work at EGO during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, I think my collection “Óculos Celestiales” might bring something different to the event.


SC!: Ideally, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

ME: I see myself working for my own label or collaborating with an important one. I want to continue studying and finding inspiration wherever I look, from the smallest things to the biggest ones; you can be inspired by anything and achieve good results. In the future, I like my brand “Marina Escobalto” to be appreciated because of its social, esthetic and creative commitment.


Photos from CEADE MOVE (Header and 1-2): Fernando Mañas

Photos from SOUTH (3-4): Biel Sol

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla