So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins contributing photographer, Leila Jacue in New York, just sent us another impeccable project in collaboration with the brand To.Be. We love her work and wanted you to get to know more about her and what life as a Spanish photographer in the Big Apple is all about.


So Catchy!: How and when did you get into photography?

Leila Jacue: I remember being fascinated by photography even as child. I think I was 8 when I received my first compact camera and began to photograph the people around me. I later studied Audiovisual Communication in university and specialized in Photography. Since then, I haven’t stopped making photos.

SC!: Why did you decide to move to NYC?

LJ: Because I wanted and needed more professional and creative stimulation.


SC!: What’s the photography scene in NY like?

LJ: There are a lot of different people, lifestyles and cultures here in New York and the photography scene is no different. It’s a city that let’s you find your own style.

SC!: What do you like taking pictures of most in your city?

LJ: People, always people!


SC!: Could you name a few NYC hotspots?

LJ: The great thing about NYC is that the hotspots are constantly changing. Obviously Brooklyn is full of young creative types but I prefer to work in areas that aren’t as trendy, like the Upper East Side to provide more contrast.

SC!: Can you recommend any new talents in the world of photography?

LJ: I find Ira Chernova’s work interesting and Abdul Kircher, as well.


SC!: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

LJ: In and through the people who are around me or who I’ve met along the way; also in films, painting or music.

SC!: What websites or blogs do you follow?

LJ: I don’t follow any in particular but I like Tumblr.


SC!: Do you have any new projects in mind?

LJ: I’ve got a project with David García Casado to go to Wonder Valley out in the desert in California and document creative aspects of houses and lifestyles in the communities there.

SC!: What’s your greatest and unattainable dream right now?

LJ: To be able to travel full time.


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Photography: Leila Jacue

Art Direction: David Leon

Model: Jean M de Red Models NYC

Shirts: TO.BE artists

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla