Today is indeed a great day. INTERMODA, the most important fashion fair in Latin America is kicking off and this year, So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins has the pleasure to take part in the TRENDZONE section, thanks to Pamela Zúñiga who is in charge of bringing coolhunting to the forum, as a discipline for predicting future trends, with the support of the Coolhunting Community. The five trends highlighted at the event go beyond mere esthetics and fleeting notions of fashion, they’re based on new habits, the desires and preferences of the so-called millennial generation. They’re trends that have a clear anchor in sociology and the cultural transformation of our evermore global society.

We talked with Pamela in Guadalajar, México to find out more about the TRENDZONE and the marvelous creative work that illustrates the campaign this year, from photography to fashion films. We hope you enjoy.




So Catchy!: What does the TrendZone bring to Intermoda?

Pamela Zuñiga: TrendZone is the part of Intermoda that focuses on arrival of trends to Mexico, with the help of companies specialized in predicting trends and collaboration from textile manufacturers, designers and creatives. This year we’re working with the company Coolhunting Community and, of course, So Catchy! to try to identify these trends. The goal of this initiative is to provide the speakers and guests at Intermoda with a practical and assertive guide to apply this knowledge strategically to their products to promote growth.

SC!: What trends will we see in the TrendZone?

PZ: This edition there will be 5 trends: We Care, or improved consumer global awareness; Majority of Minorities, praise for what’s different; Gender up for Debate, or how gender fluidity is becoming the norm; Technological Revolution, about the transversality of technology, how it encroaches on every aspect of our lives, and how it affects fashion; Culture Maker, which talks about the DIY movement.



SC!: How has the support from So Catchy! been?

PZ: So Catchy! has been a great help. Together with the Coolhunting Community, they’ve provided us with a plethora of information on emerging trends to help us stay ahead of consumer demand.



SC!: Can you tell us a bit about the creative process behind the photos and the video?

PZ: First we analyzed each trend, looking for signs, references and related news. Then we put together a conceptualization of each trend, the essence of the trend but easy to digest.




SC!: What has it been like being in charge of the TrendZone?

PZ: TrendZone has been an amazing learning experience, on the one hand it’s a great responsibility knowing you might be the starting point for the inspiration of future designs, collections and products, and on the other hand its very satisfying to work with such a passionate team.




SC!: What are your plans for the future?

PZ: To continue working with the Coolhunting Community, analyzing changing trends from Mexico which can give us an idea of how consumer tastes are changing.


Production: Pamela Zúñiga & Cintli Cordova

Creative Direction: Pamela Zúñiga, Jorge Daniel García, Giovanni Barba

PR: Giovanni Najar & Ivan Navarro

Photos: Jesús Villanueva

Location: Dann Cárdenas & Le Blue

Video: Luis Cortes & Héctor Navarro

Models: Maria Becerra, Carlos Cervantez, Ariel Gama, Cecilia Pichardo, Bruno Mateos, Fernanda Alvarez, Marifer Velasco, Alberto Gtz, Nicole Donaghey, Drexel Isaac

Styling: L O S  V I R G I N I A

Styling Assistant: Gabriela Armenta

Paper dresses: Mariana Godinez, Alberto Escobedo, Karen

Art: Michelle Parrilla, Moises Madrigal, Miguel Aguilar, Jessica Esquivel

Make-up: Sasha Vanille

Hair: Adrian Galvez

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla