At the beginning of the summer, the Fashion Design students at the CEADE Leonardo School in Seville presented 12 new and never-before-seen looks for their final projects.


Marina Escobalto

The designs were based on the concept of 2015 as the Year of Light and were inspired by the colors of the spectrum: violet, brown, blue, Tiffany blue, sea green, pink, yellow, orange and red, as well as black and white. From So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we wanted to present to you Marina Diaz, better known as Marina Escobalto, whose color was white.


Photo: Biel Sol – Model: Melania Brú

Her project, ‘WEISS’, is inspired by the white of snow, the purest and most dazzling shade, a sensationalist work that, without a doubt, is one of the first steps for a creative mind that we’ll be keeping an eye on.



Photo: Fernando Mañas – Model: Mestu Puntas

So Catchy!: When and why did you decide to study fashion?

Marina Escobalto: I’ve always found myself in creative environments, and my childhood was marked by old artisanal traditions. It took awhile to realize and accept the difficult fast that this is what I want; to work as an artist and as an artisan. I was never interested in the latest fashions, I simply liked to mix and match different clothing from the different wardrobes in my family. I would try everything on piece by piece and see if it fit, and I still do. I think that this free style and my interest in art and artisanry contributed to my coming into fashion and my work as a designer.

SC!: Can you tell us about the creative process behind your final project?

ME: From the very first day I began to study fashion, I have been thinking about my final collection and how it should be after 4 years of work.

Surprisingly, once you’ve finished to projects for the degree, you remember the inspiration that allowed you to create the garment in question. I want my next collection to carry my personal mark, I think that many people share the same taste as I do, and I want it to be comfortable.

My creative process is influenced by my interest in creating different volumes and shapes, with a number of different materials and using techniques from other disciplines. I try to take the most creative aspects from wherever I can.


Photo: Beatriz Hidalgo – Model: Ana Mancha
SC!: What kind of help do you think emerging talent needs after finishing their studies?

ME: Working as an intern or apprentice for a national or international company helps out both the emerging designer and the business. I also think that young designers should work more with people in other fields like architecture. It helps to enrich your work and make it more complete.

SC!: What projects are you working on now?

ME: This last year of the career will be very demanding, both physically and mentally because I have to create a large collection.  As you know, it is essential to do it right.  Once I’ve finished the thesis collection, I’ll try to get it shown both nationally and internationally.  I’d like to collaborate with some other young designers, too, or maybe work at the Studio Babelsberg in Germany where I worked as an intern in costume design.


SC!: Are there any other young designers who you admire?

ME: From my school, Leandro Cano, Maria Magdalena, and Yvan Andreu. Nationally, Manuel Bolaño, Leyre Valiente, Herida de Gato and Eva Soto. Internationally, Iris van Herpen, KTZ, Kris Van Assche, Juha Arvid Helminem and, of course, I absolutely love the work of Alexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf and many more.

SC!: Where do you find inspiration? What blogs, websites or Instagram accounts do you think we should be following?

ME: I always find inspiration from, besides other fashion designers, artists from all fields; I think it enriches my work. I love painting and classical sculpture. I’m inspired by the way a rabbit jumps, by the architecture of skyscrapers, the smell of a new sheet of paper or even people passing through an airport.



SC!: Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

ME: I’d like to be gaining experience, living in the sector more professionally and, in time, I’d like to launch my brand. But, above all, I want to enjoy my work and to be free to bring my own ideas and proposals to fruition. I guess, I’d like to still be myself.

Quiero ganar mucha experiencia, vivir el sector más profesionalmente y con el tiempo lanzar al mercado mi marca, pero sobretodo, disfrutar de mi trabajo y gozar de libertad para sacar adelante mis propuestas y mis ideas. Es decir, seguir siendo yo misma.

Images courtesy of Marina Escobalto

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla