Three brands, three different concepts, all brought together by one unique city and, above all, a desire to make high quality products. From So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we present Radville Kisieliute, Heio and D’lyle Treasure. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do.


Radvile Kisieliute

Radville is inspired by what usually goes unnoticed, anything strange or unusual which is later filtered through a sieve and converted into every day objects, like weathervanes. After finishing her studies at the University of Bedfordshire, she worked with none other than Mary Katrantzou, which gave her a more complete view of the fashion industry.

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Mitjana, Macarella and Turqueta are the names of small coves with tiny beaches around Menorca. The beauty of these isolated beaches is what inspired the layout, colors and design of this collection to reflect nature in its simplest form. HEIO, with its headquarters in London, was founded in July 2015. Their bags are inspired by the singular beauty of different places around the world and they show an appreciation for real objects. They’re an ode to authenticity in its purest form. Of note, their products are put together by the hands of artisans in the South of Spain, in Ubrique.
Were you wondering what HEIO stands for? Humble, Eclectic, Identity, Optimism and an open mind.

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D’lyle Treasure

D’LYLE TREASURE is an exclusive British label characterized by the quality of its products and accessories. The founders are siblings, the creative duo made up of Donya and Patrice Martell Campbell, and leading influencers and trendsetters across social media like Instagram.
D’LYLE TREASURE explores the basic characteristics of classic products with a contemporary flare, finding inspiration in photography, art and design.

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Translation and layout by Michael Padilla