The Israeli designer, Noa Raviv, has left us with our mouths watering with her spectacular new collection made up of 3D printed pieces. The popular technology has opened the doors to an infinite world of possibilities; it’s the perfect tool to inject some creativity and innovation back into to saturated world of fashion. Noa is a talented multidisciplinary artist who isn’t afraid to experiment work outside of her area of expertise and with different materials. As she sees it, it’s no more than another tool in her toolbox, the means to an end, and the least important part of any creation.


At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we love to see technology applied to fashion, in fact, this isn’t the first time that we interview an artist who uses 3D printing techniques in their works, and we’re convinced it won’t be the last.

So Catchy!: Noa, first of all congratulations for all your success and your amazing ‘Hard Copy’ collection. We would like to know how you got to the point of using 3D printing in your design.

Noa Raviv: Thanks! I was inspired by deformed objects that were created by a command that the 3D software is not able to execute. These objects cannot be printed, nor produced in reality. I translated this inspiration into real objects and dresses and since I wanted to create a tension between the real and the virtual, between 2D and 3D, I felt 3D printing would be a great tool to use.


SC!: After the experience, are you planning to continue using this technology in other collections? Do you already have something in mind?

NR: I have so many things on my mind! I do plan to further use 3D printing and I’m working on the next projects, too early to talk about it…

SC!: We‘ve seen your amazing work with paper, you seem to be a multifaceted artist. Is this just a hobby or a part of your creative process?

NR: It’s both. I love many fields of creation and I like to create images to inspire myself from. I love playing around with materials and seeing what comes out of it, paper is one of my favorites materials.


SC!: Which artists, designers or brands would you like to collaborate with?

NR: There are so many creative people around the world with whom I’d love to collaborate! The first one that comes to mind is Marina Abramovic. She is such an interesting artist! It seems like she has a very clear vision and a great passion.

SC!: Could you name some of your favorite new designers?

NR: He isn’t new but I love Raf Simons and the work he does for Dior.


SC!: Which blogs or websites do you follow?

NR: I read a lot of blogs, magazines and, when I have more time, books. So just to name a few: LOVE magazine, Dazed, Stylebubble, Tommy Ton, Dezeen and many others.


SC!: To finish the interview, here’s a difficult question: what do you think is the key to success in fashion?

NR: It is indeed a difficult question! I believe it is essential to work hard, to follow your own individual path and to be nice.

Photos courtesy of Noa Raviv

Translated by Michael Padilla