Monoceros, unicorn, the constellation Virgo… and conceptual fashion to carry with you.Ose Cornelisse is the creator of Monocerose, an up-and-coming brand that premiered with the powerful and attractive collection, ‘Bag to Egypt’.


Born and raised in Haarlem, The Netherlands, she has both Norwegian and Surinamese roots and she studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. This interesting mix of cultures has given her enriching experiences to draw on in her work.

Here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we happened upon her work on Instagram and it was love at first sight. We are incredibly excited to exclusively present to you, MONOCEROSE. We hope you enjoy.


So Catchy!: We are amazed by your first collection, ‘Bag to Egypt’, and we would like to know what the creative process was like?

Ose Cornelisse: My creative process is not a structured list when I start with a collection or project. Usually it starts with a simple idea around an image I find in a magazine or online, a song that is playing, a quote or a memory. The idea to take Egypt as a source of inspiration came from the song ‘So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt’, by the artist Keith Green. Instantly I renamed the song to Bag to Egypt and so the main concept was born. I am a profound lover of bold items that make a statement about the person that wears or carries them, my love for iconic figures and graphically-styled designs is the main reason why I design this way. In a way, you can call it my signature.

SC!: Bright colors that catch the eyes, so what materials did you use?

OC: I used first grade materials, to ensure durability. At this stage we did not choose to use real leather, because it would drive the price way too high and secondly because we feel the leather that is used needs to be produced in a durable way.

SC!: The whole aesthetic is so well thought out, the photos, the video… Did you also design the clothes?

OC: Yes I also created the designs for the clothing, the pieces in the shoot are specially made to complement the bags and give this first collection some extra flavor.


SC!: Who is on your team now?

OC: At this stage I have a small team. It is me, myself and I. Just kidding, I work with a small team made up of good friends and relatives. For photography I work with Ruud Baan, Styling, Kim Keizer, Art Direction & Video Studio, Raar & David van Woerden, Models/Dancers, Juna Leocaria & Sedrig Verwoert, Mask, Kiki Peeters, Hair & Makeup, The Hairdoctor, Music, Ibibio Soundmachine, Animation, Just Another Nerd.

SC!: Where can we find your designs?

OC: My first collection “Bag to Egypt” is in production as we speak. The first bags will arrive by the end of April and will be for sale online approximately around that time. The bags will be for sale in the online shop of Monocerose. The next step is to get retailers to sell my product.


SC!: Could you recommend us some websites or Instagram accounts that we shouldn’t be missing out on?

OC: On Instagram, I would recommend the following accounts, @love.watts@mojifarhatparis@ideabooksltd and for websites, jjjjound,

SC!: Creative minds that you admire…

OC: Jean Charles de Castelbajac, Jeremy Scott, Keith Harring, Tsjappie.

SC!: What upcoming projects are you working on?

OC: I’m working on a collaboration with an artist from London, after that, I’m also working on my next collection. Both are in a premature stage but it’s all very exhilarating.


SC!: Who would you like to wear your designs?

OC: Anyone who dares to stand out! For me it’s more important that the people that buy my products and designs do so out of passion. It does not need to be a celebrity to make me happy, not that I would mind, of course.

SC!: To finish, let’s find out more about you, what’s your favorite place on earth?

Tropical places (Aruba – Surinam)

…Favorite food?

It depends on the moment. Sushi – Tjauw min – My moms Rotie

…If you could be a fictional character you would be…

A Unicorn or Shana Elmsford from Jem and the Holograms

…And, a wish yet to be fulfilled?

OC: That would be the wish that my brand and company be profitable and can support both my team and me. I’m working hard on it and I believe we can make it happen!


Thanks Ose!


Photography: Ruud Baan

Styling: Kim Keizer

Art Direction & Video Studio: Raar & David van Woerden

Models: Juna Leocaria & Sedrig Verwoert

Mask: Kiki Peeters

Hair & Makeup: The Hairdoctor

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla