“A shoe that you never want to take off” is Deux Souliers’ response to the question “What is the perfect shoe?” We couldn’t agree more.

Deux Souliers is a Catalonian footwear company that follows the fundamental principles behind the concept of slow fashion: artisanry, quality and timelessness. Their shoes are designed to be comfortable, are 100% made in Spain and are proof of their commitment to sustainability in the production process.

At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we like their designs, they’re contemporary and robust with a style that brings artisanry up to date and above all, their shoes are functional and pleasing to the eye.


SO CATCHY!: Tell us a bit about the history of Deux Souliers. Who is behind it, how did the idea come about and why did you choose that name?

DEUX SOULIERS: Soulier is “shoe” in antiquated French and Deux is “two”. Deux Souliers: Two Shoes.

“Going forward is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other” and “shoes are all you need”. That’s where the name comes from, it’s simple, the pair, two shoes.

Nunu Solsona, the creative director here is a woman who is moved by a passion for shoes. After finishing here career in fashion design, she spent time working for some of the greats in the world of artisanal footwear. From there she began to do her own shoes made to order as well as doing work for other brands. Deux Souliers was a side project that only had 3 different models. The reaction, however, was quite good, so we took it as an opportunity to create a new brand of shoes. From then on it’s been a lot of time and effort to keep Deux Souliers up and running.

SC!: You’re a young enterprise so, how did you get it into your heads to start up an artisanal company in the middle of the crisis that Spain is going through right now and with the already existing competition in the market?

DS: We think that there is plenty of evidence that the way we consume is changing. People want to know the story behind what they’re buying and what goes on with what they consume. We want to make a responsible and sustainable product, manufacture in our country.

Deux Souliers is inspired by the classics in the world of footwear. Our collections are timeless, with a contemporary vision of artisanry. Each one introduces new colors and materials while also staying true to the identity of the brand. Since we are a part of the slow fashion movement, we offer a responsible and accessible alternative, combing the idea of craft with a wider business vision. 100% made in Spain.


SC!: Your project is innovative, artisanal and creative. Where does the inspiration behind something so different and yet functional come from?

DS: I guess it comes naturally, from an interest and a passion for what we do. It’s difficult to talk about inspiration; the truth is that we believe more in constantly working hard. Obviously there are many things that influence the creative process but perhaps the sensitivity that one has for life, for music, cinema, nature, food, etc…, knowing how to observe, listen and a desire to give back something different.

SC!: Tell us a bit about the creative process.

DS: Nunu designs and directs the production process for the collections. She carefully chooses the suppliers and the materials that we work with and develop the concepts from.

Deux Souliers shoes are made from leather and high quality materials that age beautifully. Artisanal techniques are applied in the leather stitching and the colored edges and finishing touches of the shoe; the artisan touch can be seen in the final product.


SC!: What do you think makes your shoes different or innovative and what do you think they bring to the market?

DS: Our shoes have received a positive response from the media and from clients, both real and potential, and the business has grown in a wholly organic way.

The identity and concept behind “Deux Souliers” are genuine and have a clear identity. This allows Nunu and her team to project a detailed, disciplined, constant and ambitious image across multiple levels, from communication to the design of the models, from our control of the production process to our post-sales service.

SC!: You’ve recently won a Dedal de Oro award. How did it feel?

DS: The award was a wonderful surprise, really, since we hadn’t applied for any competitions. The truth is that when your work is recognized, it always feels good.


SC!: You’re clearly behind the made in Spain concept. How is the artisanal process here in Spain?

DS: Spain has always traditionally been a large producer of footwear. We don’t want to lose this heritage.

SC!: Let’s talk about your goals for the future.

DS: We’d like to be able to reach more people and invest more in the development of our product to try to improve on what we’re doing now.


SC!: Any dreams left to accomplish?

DS: All of them

SC!: What is the perfect shoe for you?

DS: The one you don’t want to take off.

SC!: Any advice on how to get ahead in fashion?

DS: Good luck and work hard!

All images courtesy of Deux Souliers

Edited by Anabel Cuervas

Layout and Translation by Michael Padilla