Juan José Blanco is one of those self-taught artists who were born to break the mold. His label, Citrique Heart reflects his transgressive nature and reflects love of architecture. The flagship model, Rosalinda, has even become an icon of the design world. His pieces are timeless, and follow no trends; like pieces of jewelry to be kept and cared for forever. A number of artists have worn his glasses, from Dani Alves to Rihanna to name a few, and his new collection is going to be, as he puts it, a mixture between neoclassicism and brutalism.

Rosalinda by Citrique Heart
His latest collection is being produced now in Japan, as are all of his models, and is still a closely guarded secret.  We were in Barcelona not too long ago so we decided to talk with the artist from Cordoba, Spain as well as his partner and Eros, the Labrador puppy. Between the glasses and design, we were able to see, touch and try out the world of Citrique for ourselves.  We also got a sneak peak at his latest collection and you should be excited.
We’re also happy to announce that we’ll be working with Juan José in the So Catchy! Shop where he’ll have his mythical “Rosalinda” as well as a few other models in the future. Keep your eyes open!

Rosalinda by Citrique Heart
SO CATCHY!: We know you’re working on a new collection, can you tell us anything about it?

JUAN JOSÉ BLANCO: This collection will be like the best perfumes: a drop of brutalism, another of metal, and a few from neoclassicism, one drop for the materials… it all goes into the bottle and I can use as much or little as I want.

SC!: How far along is the new collection?

JJ: Right now it’s being produced, and I’m already thinking of the next one. This collection is made up of some models that require 7 months to produce. So I’ve started working on the collection that I’ll release in 2018.

Rosalinda by Citrique Heart

SC!: What do you think the price range of this new collection will be?

JJ: Because of the love that I put into them, my glasses are like a small piece of my heart, a timeless piece, with incredibly high production standards, the best materials, with every detail and each with their own identity. The price will depend on the model but it should range between 700 and 1400€.

SC!: Have you thought about branching out into other accessories?

JJ: I’ve got a restless spirit and I always try to apply my way of thinking to whatever I do. I love the art part of the fashion world and I would like to make another collection. I’ve been working on a line of luxury Snapbacks called Perzeo, made from leather and produced by artisans.

Rosalinda by Citrique Heart
SC!: Your glasses have been worn by many celebrities, is there anyone else in particular that you’d like to see wearing them?

JJ: Anyone who subscribes to our philosophy and seeks a personal touch, who has their own distinct personality. Like Pharrel Williams, for example, people who have their own life as an artist. Any professional dreamer: “They Sleep We Dream”. That’s our motto.

SC!: Are there any other eyewear labels that you admire?

JJ: Any that do something different. I don’t follow other labels but I do like the ones that have personality in their creations.

Rosalinda by Citrique Heart

SC!: What materials will you use in the new collection?

JJ: Metal, marble, titanium, acetate, leather, gold, silver and some secret materials.

SC!: What are your plans for the medium and long term?

JJ: I only limit myself to what is exists, to the present, I live for what I love, for the feeling of freedom that can be found in the now.  We’ll talk about the future in the next interview.



Photos: Ainhara María Cárdenas Roig
Model: David de Puig-Samper

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla