Inspired by nature and the beauty that can be found in it, the emerging designer Annamaria Mikulik, sought to reflect on the impact humans have had on the environment that surrounds us, and our strange habit of recreating natural scenes artificially, removing the essence of nature. Fake Illusions focuses on the synthetic creation of natural elements, an illusion of natural beauty, which in reality is nothing more than an attempt at imitating the perfection that we find in nature. The artist considers jewelry to be a unique medium for expressing ideology. Annamaria wanted to share the natural greatness that is all around us. In her own words: “I want to remind people that there is a natural beauty out there, different from the enhanced beauty they have been accustomed with, that there is a certain weirdness to perceive in contact with a natural ingredient that has maintained its natural beauty.”

We are excited to be able to show you her work here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins. We hope you enjoy the wonderful pieces by Annamaria Mikulik as much as we do.

Photos: Anna Smoronova