There is a growing movement on Instagram that has seen accounts created to serve as a sort of virtual art gallery, with the instagrammer as curator.  Tumblr followed a similar evolution and this time with Instagram is no different, success is defined by relevance, originality and a unique idea that separates you from all of the noise and the copy-paste found across the web.  So as an introduction, today we’ve chosen three accounts that stand out to serve as an appetizer for everything else you’re sure to find on the ever popular social platform.  From So Catchy!, we hope you enjoy.

Ecce Homo

Icons from the 90s, hyperrealistic images, luxury and the mundane, bizarreness for the sake of being bizarre… Ecce Homo will make you feel slightly uneasy as it sucks you in.



Gigi’s Brizza Digital Journal

Thematic sets of images perfectly selected by this Instagram curator that will leave you waiting for more.

Garden Skate

Feet and shoes…. or something like that.


Translation and layout by Michael Padilla