PROKÖ is more than just accessories, PROKÖ is a concept, a philosophy, it’s the creativity and brilliance of Patricia merged with small objects, each with their own character.

We are fascinated by the brand, but even more so by the person behind it all; a down-to-earth woman, always smiling who radiates an infections calm.


We wanted to get to know this young entrepreneur a little better but this will be only a small introduction, just a sampling to get you hooked.  Yet the true story behind PROKÖ, the innovation and the creativity that seem to grow from day to day deserve a deeper look.  We’ll be keeping our eyes on Patricia in the future.


SO CATCHY!: Tell us the story of PROKÖ, how did it all start?

Since I was a child, I’ve been interested in fashion, in clothes and accessories.  I always used to play with the crystals in my father’s lamps, admiring the light of the rainbow in them.  It all came to me so naturally that I never even realized it.

At the age of 21, my interest in creating began to coincide with my trips to Barcelona.  That’s where I started to buy materials and to put them together in different ways that were ‘innovative’ at the time. I went for asymmetrical earrings, mixing and matching different materials and this characteristic signature was what helped get people interested in my designs.


SC!: How do you find inspiration, what inspires your designs?

I’m inspired by everything around me; by the color white, by harmony, by mountains in nature, by images and old jewelry and by symbols from other cultures.


SC!: Una web, revista, o diseñador que no debamos perdernos?

A website: polyvore
A magazine: Vogue
A designer: Aurelie Bidermann


SC!: ¿Qué tendencias has detectado en el mundo de los accesorios?

• The mix of textures in plain fabrics
• Metallic fabrics
• Mythological animals
• Sports clothes with luxury styles and materials
• The harmony between the mystical and reality


SC!: What are your short-term goals?

To finish with some orders, to continue the clothing collections and to have some free time to enjoy life.


SC!: A dream you have that is still out of reach

I’d like to go and live in NY for a time and to work with some of the firms that I like and start a family.


SC!: Where can we find PROKÖ on sale?

For now, in Zaragoza, in my workshop and through my Facebook page. Also on other social networks like Instagram.


Translated by: Michael Padilla