The new ABRA collection uses 10 looks to explore a virtual creation of oneself, and it creates a conversation in the digital and real worlds through the use of holograms.


Paty Abrahamsson, winner of the 6th edition of the Samsung Ego Innovation Project in Madrid, Spain, has come up with an interactive proposal that separates the real world from the virtual one. An initiative in which the designer creates moving looks with lively patterns.

Today we’re bringing you the interview that she gave us here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins.

SC!: After winning the sixth edition of the Samsung Ego Innovation Project, where do you see your career heading in the short term and in the future?

PA: We’d like to continue as we have, researching new ways of working and creating. I couldn’t imagine going on without integrating technology in what we do.

SC!: How would you define your project?

PA: It’s a collection designed almost completely from the same look, creating more than 300 combinations and actually making the favorites for a multivisual show with real and virtual models taking to the catwalk.


SC!: Can you tell us a bit more about ‘ABRA’? What fabrics and styles do you use? Does the identity of the Abrahamsson label play a major role?

PA: Almost everything is made from cotton, silk, and denim. As I said, almost all of the looks in the show come from base patterns combined in different positions in a performance that we did with Aaliyah Rosales.

SC!: Is the relationship between technology and fashion essential today? Should designers consider it a must for their training?

PA: It’s not absolutely necessary but it is interesting, the options you have and the room creativity are almost infinite. This is the first time that we’ve done a project uniting fashion and technology and we believe that from now on, our projects will be heading in this direction.



SC!: A headline that defines the current state of fashion in Spain.

PA: An explosion of new talents that are revolutionizing fashion both at home and abroad.

SC!: Styles and trends that you see around the world that inspire you to create.

PA: I don’t allow myself to get carried away with trends and I’m not very good at recognizing them or defining them.

SC!: What fashion media do you follow?

PA: Buffalo Magazine and Ruby Star Magazine.

You can follow Paty Abrahamsson on Instagram: @__abrahamsson__

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All photos courtesy of Paty Abrahamsson

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla