Fashion in Spain is reinventing itself with a generation of creatives who are banking on a new Spanish renaissance. The concepts behind the work of this group of designers come from a simple, free and inevitable idea.

In 2016, there are more than two things, quick and accessible, that Spanish fashion is known for. The seeds of creativity, an up-and-coming fashion culture, and the fight against stereotypes are gaining prominence. The motto of the new generation seems to be: every day, you should be what you want to be. Fashion is becoming a part of our personalities and is no longer limited to an individual’s sexuality. And even though we might think that Fashion in Spain is low to accept new influences, thanks to this group of creatives, a new culture is being born, without so many rules.

Imperfections are becoming unique details, and masculinity is being redefined. Impossible patterns, novel textures, and impossible settings that open to international influences, evidenced by the independent collections that are presented outside of the established Madrid Fashion Week.

From So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we’ve selected a few designers who, in our minds, are changing the face of Spanish Fashion. Long live the new generation.

Desde So Catchy! hemos seleccionado cinco diseñadores que, según nuestro criterio, están cambiando el panorama de la moda en España. Larga vida al talento novel.


Palomo Spain

Alejandro Gómez Palomo

Instagram: @palomospain

The backdrop for the presentation of Alejandro’s Orlando Collection (Spring/Summer 17) was the Lázaro Galdiano Museum in Madrid. One of the most talked about labels at the moment.

01-so-catchy-palomo-spain-juan-achiaga-i-d-spain-01 01-so-catchy-palomo-spain-juan-achiaga-i-d-spain-02

Photos courtesy of Juan Achiaga for I-D Spain

02-so-catchy-palomo-spain-steven-kohlstock-1 02-so-catchy-palomo-spain-steven-kohlstock-2 02-so-catchy-palomo-spain-steven-kohlstock-4 02-so-catchy-palomo-spain-steven-kohlstock-3

Photos courtesy of Steven Kohlstock



Esperanza Berrocal & Rafa Bodgar

Instagram: @chromosomeresidence

These designers presented their collection at the chapel in the La Salle de San Rafael primary school. Stereotypes don’t go well with the ideology of their label.

03-so-catchy-chromosome-residence-matias-uris-1 03-so-catchy-chromosome-residence-matias-uris-2 03-so-catchy-chromosome-residence-matias-uris-3

Photos courtesy of Matías Uris


Pepa Salazar

Instagram: @pepasalazar

04-so-catchy-pepa-salazar-phillipe-milton-1 04-so-catchy-pepa-salazar-phillipe-milton-2 04-so-catchy-pepa-salazar-phillipe-milton-3

Photos courtesy of Phillipe Milton


Xavi Reyes

Instagram: @xavi__reyes

05-so-catchy-xavi-reyes-juan-achiaga-1 05-so-catchy-xavi-reyes-juan-achiaga-2

Photos courtesy of Juan Achiaga


Maria Ke Fisherman

María Lemus & Víctor Alonso.

Instagram: @mariakefisherman 

06-so-catchy-maria-ke-fisherman-matias-uris-1 06-so-catchy-maria-ke-fisherman-matias-uris-2

Photos courtesy of Matías Uris

07-so-catchy-maria-ke-fisherman-allan-hamitouche-1 07-so-catchy-maria-ke-fisherman-allan-hamitouche-2

Photos courtesy of Allan Hamitouche


Translation and layout by Michael Padilla