An esthetically pleasing piece of jewelry, a hidden reality, an intrinsic beauty. The clitoris, as an internal organ was discovered less than 30 years ago, in the mid-90s by Dr. Helen O’Connell of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. It may be difficult to imagine, incomprehensible even, especially in a society that has experienced so many technological advances and made so many new discoveries.


The clitoral body

In spite of this, the discovery seems to have broken the taboo that surrounded the organ and Penelopi Jones’ Clitoring is a prime example. A creation that makes visible the invisible, her work shows the hidden grandeur of the organ that so many are still unaware of. We here at So Catchy! had the opportunity to talk with the minds behind these curious and surprising projects. You should pay close attention, this interview is not to be missed.


So Catchy!: How did you come up with the idea of the ‘clitoring’?

Penelopi Jones: When I first fell in love with my partner Nicolina, one of our first dates she showed me the CAT scan image of the full internal clitoris. I designed it as gift for her originally. Later on, we decided to create the website and make them available to other people.

SC!: When and why did you decide to start the ‘penelopijones experiment’?

PJ: Nico my partner really does have these amazing divergent experiences during orgasms some times. I loved the challenge of trying to push it as far as possible and when she would describe what she saw we began to believe that through these experiences we may actually learn something about the true structure of the universe. We started recording the experiences and approaching it in a kind of fun but sincere pseudoscientific way. We need to put some more experiments out there. We have been traveling and working so much lately.



Photos by Sara Mayti
SC!: What do you think could be done to raise awareness about the clitoris?

PJ: Just talk about it. I feel like awareness is spreading quite quickly now, its one of those fun fact, party conversations that also has the potential to be life changing for lots of people. The knowledge of it certainly changed my relationship considerably. Information that has a relationship with sex and pleasure can’t be suppressed forever.

SC!: What are your next projects?

PJ: We are thinking of doing a secret Monochromatic diner party series. Whole meals served in monochromatic color ranges in an environment where all surfaces and table settings and the clothing of the guests will be in that color or its inverse compliment. Go through red and blue and into infrared, outside of the visible spectrum of light, with audio experience tuned to those color frequencies. Nothing to do with jewelry at all.


SC!: Tell us about some of the creative minds that you admire.

PJ: Alexander Mcqueen, Lebbeus Woods, Charles Dellschau, Gaudi, Charles Rennie mackintosh, Die Antwoord.

SC!: Which Instagram accounts, magazines, or blogs do you follow?

PJ: I have to be honest I’m terrible at following these sorts of things, I’ve been meaning to start but I generally develop ideas through obscure research, dreams and the inspiration of friends. Recommend one to me.

SC!: Do you have a dream yet to be fulfilled?

PJ: Oh god lots of them, don’t get me started. Im thinking mostly now about creating an artist in residency program for experimental architecture, possibly in Himichal Pradesh, India. Among other things. Keep dreaming, quit your jobs, have epic sex.

All other photos courtesy of PENELOPIJONES

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla