Traditionally, the term ‘fashion jewelry’ refers to objects made from materials that aren’t considered ‘noble’. They don’t contain gold, silver or precious stones, not even semi-precious ones. That said, what difference do the materials and that definition have to do with the art that lies beneath the piece? At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we think that art doesn’t depend only on what it’s made of.

And to show you what we mean, today we’re bringing you 6 fashion jewelry designers who, using different materials, techniques, and styles, are like a breath of fresh air, with innovation and design as the main characters.

With designs like these, who needs noble metals?


DIEGO GÓMEZ GARCÍA-CARPINTERO: the digital artisan who makes his art with ceramic, among other materials.




TALLER DE FEEAS (Made To Dislike) or the art of working with antique pieces with a unique sense of esthetics.

00-so-catchy-taller-de-feeas-04 feeas3



DOODAD AND FANDANGO: an ode to plastic, color and the excess of kitsch.

02-so-catchy-doodad-fandango-baby-teeth-campy-soup 07-so-catchy-doodad-fandango-t-shirts


And on a more conceptual note:

Ching Chih Wu‘s nature transformed

so-catchy-ching-chih-wu-04 so-catchy-ching-chih-wu-05



HSIN-CHI HUNG’s foldable pieces.

so-catchy-hsin-chi-hung-london-college-fashion-01 so-catchy-hsin-chi-hung-london-college-fashion-02Images courtesy of the London College of Fashion.



HISA BOYKUM and her conscious jewelry.

07-so-catchy-hisa-suh 03-so-catchy-hisa-suh-swarovski



Translation and layout by Michael Padilla