London is a breeding ground for talented young fashion designers.  On its exciting streets, students from all nationalities rub shoulders, full of expectations, and revolutionize the concept of design and all of its applications.
In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the Formosa Show, an Exhibition of Taiwanese Designers, which takes place as part of the London Design Festival. The goal of the Formosa Show is to introduce and promote young creative talent from the island of Taiwan who live in the English capital.

So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins found out about this exhibition from Dorry Hsu, an accessories designer who we had the pleasure of interviewing and who participated in the 2013 edition of the Formosa Show (18-22 of September) as one of the guest artists.


Apu Jan

Apu Jan


Apart from the revolutionary Dorry Hsu and her 3D-printed jewelry, other fashion designers such as Apu Jan. made an appearance.  This young Taiwanese sensation recently hit the market with his “Petroleum” collection during London Fashion Week.  He recently graduated from the Royal College of Art and his work has been well received in both Europe and Asia.  His unique ability with sewing and the combination of oriental tradition with modern elements earned him his place in the show.


Li Chu Wu

Li-Chu Wu


From the world of jewelry design we have  Li-Chu Wu. Her work with silver and paper opens up an innovative world of movement and texture. Li Chiu has exhibited in Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, the US, Taiwan, China, and now she can add the UK to her already impressive list.


Ya Pei Tseng

Ya Pei Tseng


And from the London College of Fashion there is  Ya-Pei TsengHer Fall-Winter 2014 collection, “Wrapping Memory in Japan“, explores the possibilities of different materials using daring and elegant forms, coupled with a unifying theme. In her own words, I would like to use this idea to reinvent the old memory by means of using a traditional technique – ‘embroidery’ – to recreate a new mood for the memory, wrap up the horrific past [in something] beautiful and represent it in the contemporary”. Ya-Pei Tseng is shining a light on changes in traditional Japanese fashion since the Second World War and how those changes have come about, adapting to pop culture from the West.


Chen Yu Wang

Chen-Yu Wang


Another participant in the show was  Chen-Yu Wang and her incredibly colorful designs. You’ll also want to check out the designs of  Yun-Chen Lee her use of unusual materials, (sponges for example) and her dark and mysterious style.  With this collection, she decided to express the conflict that resides within her between what makes her feel safe and what terrifies her.


Yun Chen Lee

Yun-Chen Lee


The Taiwanese talent has gone above and beyond for this edition of the show.  We’ll be paying close attention to the next edition of the Formosa Show and to the careers of these talented designers.


Photos by Formosa Show


Translated by Michael Padilla