A holistic artist, creative professional and tireless entrepreneur, Diego Gómez García-Carpintero is, for us here at So Catchy!, one of the most talented emerging Spanish designers of his generation. So that’s why we chose him for out first Facebook giveaway contest.

Haven’t heard of him? Diego makes artisanal pieces using 3D printing and his creative and production processes go beyond fashion and jewelry, with collections so versatile that you wouldn’t be surprised to see them in an art gallery, or around the neck of someone with good taste. Don’t miss out on the extensive interview he gave us more than a year ago when we first discovered his work. Since then his career has advanced such that he now features as one of our carefully selected designers in our online shop with his amazing ceramic pieces.

So if you’re interested in winning a piece of Diego’s art, just follow the simple steps we’ve posted to our Facebook page today. Be sure to keep an eye on the fanpage:

1.- Follow our fanpage.

2.- Like this post.

3.- Share it.

4.- Send us an email at contest@socatchy.co with your name, city and country with FACEBOOK CONTEST in the subject line.

We’ll let you know who the lucky winner is on the 10th of May through Facebook.


Translation, layout and photos by Michael Padilla